AMEX Offers

I saw this on HFP and thought it was interesting:

Personally, I love the fact there are so many offers available, however the offers section is just a mess right now.


Agree with several of those, in particular show new offers at top of list, and clarify what an offer is about.

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Rarely do I see an offer remotely associated with my shopping habits.


I did last time at a tenner, but £15!

I shop for one so rarely reach that figure to benefit tbh.

Can vouch that it’s the same for me, but I guess we’re actually the product here. Amex is selling businesses the chance to get to new customers

What Amex should be doing though is using it so Deliveroo can sell to Uber customers, not so Hilton can sell to an eBay customer…

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They’re not personalised at all, which on the one hand is great, the offers I’ve taken up in the past haven’t always aligned with my past spending, but on the other hand means that we end up with a ridiculously long list of offers and very little detail about what the brands listed actually do.

Some sort of categorisation and filtering would be really nice to see.


I rarely benefit from Amex offers, just not enough relevant to me. The odd one is useful - LNER, Caffé Nero, ATG Tickets… Could do with a wider range of offers, particularly now the cashback isn’t quite as good a deal.


Same issue here. A few pop up occasionally, but most are geared towards spending in brands/shops that I have little interest in most of the time

I have so many vouchers to use from cancelled shows it’ll be a while before I could take advantage if they reappear.

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I signed up to Amex purely for the Avios.
As much everyday spending on the card as possible, and linked to my Nectar account.
Now while I’ll never hit the 20k annual spend for the companion voucher, the points are racking up nicely.

(I WILL get that free flight lol)

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How long does it normally take for a statement credit to show after making an eligible purchase? I just lived with the Craft Gin Club offer but I’d rather it not take 90 days!

Generally after transaction clears, for me anyways

Transaction 24 May

Credit appears 27 May, dated 25 May

Amazon offer.

I jacked my card in because of this; (poor acceptance, random offers not applicable and customer service who couldn’t or wouldn’t help killed it for me) so many decent offers I wasn’t included on that aligned with my spending patterns and all the ones I had didn’t. Also chatting to customer support didn’t help and was told “tough, it’s random” and “we can’t activate certain offers for each person.”

I was with Amex for just over a year and EVERY time I needed something however minor they couldn’t do it or had to get the back office involved who couldn’t help or never got back.

I don’t see where the good feedback ever comes from as their famous “world class service” was absent within my stint with them.

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That’s really weird, they’re always really personable and always want to help in my experience with them

Even the little things like telling me to stay safe and asking how I’m doing

Generally I’ve only ever spoken to a single person, too

Apparently activating more officers frees up more space for others to appear. Not sure if it actually works or is just a placebo

Glad you’re having a better experience than I did, maybe it’s as I was a basic cardholder on a really cheap card with little to no APR?

I don’t know, I’ve never paid interest at all before, let alone on AmEx, I’m just on the standard BA card too so I’m capped to 0.3% for interchange from their end

Ah, neither did I pay any interest.

Whenever I’d ring the call centre staff always sounded like they couldn’t care and always said offers were out of their control and that there was nobody I could chat to about it at all.

“I’ll pass it on” was all I was ever told…

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