Apple iOS updates

If anyone hasn’t noticed or yet done the update, iOS 14.6 has been released along with v:7.5 update for Apple Watch.


Just about to… Any issues?

Yes, the whole set of updates were released on Monday evening (U.K. time).

No problems for me with iOS 14.6, in fact it seems to improve performance compared to iOS 14.5.1, which felt a bit sluggish on my iPhone X.

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Yes on watch thanks.

No Graham, but then again, I’ve never personally noticed any issues with any of the updates Apple have released, but then maybe, I’ve just either not noticed or I’m too thick to notice :laughing:


Yes, updated the watch.

I am testing 14.7 beta on my iPhone and had no issues so far.

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I remember when I had a launch day iPhone 6, after a few days Apple released iOS 8.0.1, which broke cellular network support completely - affected users had to update to iOS 8.0.2 through iTunes to fix it!

Luckily I had dragged my heels on that update so the problems were uncovered before I’d updated my phone.

I often run betas too, but I’m having a break at the moment due to having extremely poor internet here.

I posted on FintechTalk about the impending arrival of FTTP support, you might remember. It still isn’t here yet!

I must pull my iphone 3g out of the draw and update that sometime…only joking! but yes, I still have one in a draw.

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Always good to have a backup device, haha!

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Yes, along with the iphone 5s it’s sat next to :laughing:

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I still have memories of the good old days when I used to look forward to software updates and would get excited about the big ones. I’d always be rushing to update, and would even use the betas to get them early.

Now, I’m just this:

Mine will update sometime after I get the prompt whilst it’s charging overnight. :slight_smile:


I’ve not been excited about a .x update until 14.5 as that was a pretty big deal. But I’m really looking forward to iOS 15 and will probably install a beta as soon as available


For those unaware, iOS 14.7 has been released. Updated mine today and can’t say I’ve noticed anything different but then again I never notice much anyway :laughing:


I’ve been running it since the RC last week and it has definitely improved battery life. The other fixes are fairly minor, though.

If you want to notice a difference, try the iOS 15 public beta - quite a few app crashes and resprings :slight_smile: I’ve only installed it on my iPad - not brave enough to do it on my iPhone…

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Only thing I’ve noticed is that categorisation in the App Library has been messed up. It’s pretty much just Apple apps in the right categories, everything else is in “Other”. Unless it’s just me?

Mine’s OK - I don’t use the App Library that much but things seem to be categorised sensibly.

iPadOS 14.7 has also been released within the past few days.

It didn’t come out at the same time as iOS 14.7, which was noteworthy as it was the first time the releases had ever been on separate days.

Release Notes

iOS 14.7 includes the following improvements and bug fixes for your iPhone:

  • MagSafe Battery Pack support for iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • Apple Card Family adds the option to combine credit limits and share one co-owned account with an existing Apple Card user
  • Home app adds the ability to manage timers on HomePod
  • Air quality information is now available in Weather and Maps for Canada, France, Italy, Netherlands, South Korea, and Spain
  • Podcasts library allows you to choose to see all shows or only followed shows
  • Share playlist menu option missing in Apple Music
  • Dolby Atmos and Apple Music lossless audio playback may unexpectedly stop
  • Battery service message that may have disappeared after reboot on some iPhone 11 models is restored
  • Braille displays could show invalid information while composing Mail messages

For information on the security content of Apple software updates, please visit this website: Apple security updates - Apple Support

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Mine has now suddenly corrected itself…no idea why or how!