Apple Vision Pro AR

Saw this article via the Fana forum.

Anyone got a spare $3,500 ready for 2024? :man_facepalming: :rofl:

I’ll pass. Real world isn’t that bad yet.

The system did recommend I post on The Apple Thread, however, it automatically closed, back in 2021!

That’s probably because there’s not much interest in the tech side of fintech over here. We’re more fin nerds.

But yes, I’m very excited for this and will be buying one. :grin:

People appear to be confusing it with VR. It’s not - it’s an AR headset.

I’m also excited by it but not sure that I’ll be paying whatever the UK price is when it is finally launched. UK prices this year seem to be 1:1 conversion from $ to £ and then some :unamused:

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Can’t say I’ve ever looked up the difference between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Maybe it’s time to :joy:


Do you remember Google Glass?

Even though Apple’s spatial computer looks more like a meta quest, it primarily functions more like Google glass.

VR is about taking you out of the real world and transporting you to some other virtual world somewhere. AR is about taking the digital world, and bringing it into your reality; into your environment.

Apple’s spatial computer sort of blends the two together, but the focus and the vision, and where they’re going with it is firmly rooted in AR.

There was an image on reddit that I saw which really sums it up an explains the difference rather aptly and succinctly:

Top is a workplace meeting taking place remotely in VR with Meta. Bottom is a workplace meeting taking place remotely with Apple Vision Pro.


Ever since I’ve been paying attention to Apple (iPod onwards), and excluding accessories, this is simultaneously the most technically impressive product Apple has launched and also the one I’ve been least interested in.

Neither AR nor VR has yet captured my interest as a consumer/home technology, and I think that’s the same for most people. It will be interesting to see how this plays out because I think when the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch were launched there was already mass market interest in the categories those products were launched into (I guess also iPod too as mp3s had been popular for a while). The backdrop to this launch feels very different.

Oh what fun.

For those of you who were alive almost 40 years ago, yes, that’s you and me at least Graham! a film called The Terminator hit the screens showing an apocalyptic vision of the future.

So, whilst this fantastically expensive bit of Apple kit might be yet another marvellous invention to entertain our busy lives, one wonders what these amazing products will eventually lead to, and I’m not seeing a particularly wonderful future when AI becomes the big boss.

I forsee a Logan’s Run future :face_with_peeking_eye:

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You should watch person of interest. Fantastic portrayal of the AI road we’re seemingly heading down. It tackles many of the philosophical debates AI invokes.

More generally with tech advancements, I’m pretty convinced that as you get older you do start to have the more cynical view you have with regards to these things.

I remember the outcry against smart phones, and how they would ruin our lives, destroy social interaction, and connection. And there have since been images thrown around of everyone in a gathering or group all staring at their screens. But this was the case long before phones ever existed. They just replaced the newspaper.

I made a promise to myself decades ago not to be that old person. I struggle with it at times, but augmented reality is one that genuinely excites me, and I’m incredibly optimistic about where it’s going. VR, not so much. AI I have a deep interest in, and do like how, in theory, it can augment humankind, improve efficiency, replace our mundane jobs and give us more time for other more important things. It also worries me too.


To be fair, even the Godfather’s of AI are now scared sh#@less of the future. I am genuinely of the belief that humanoid machines will one day inherit the Earth, not in my lifetime I hope, but it will come and we won’t be able to stop it.

People are becoming socially inept because of technology. I know people half my age who struggle to get through the day without any interaction with a smart device. The young folks I work with have passed comment to me about how I can go through an entire working day without a sneaky phone call or not even glancing at my iPhone.

It does indeed come across like I’m one of those old people who doesn’t see the benefit in AI or VR or AR, but I do actually embrace a lot of tech, I am however, careful what I wish for.

A long time ago, there were two blokes, DaVinci and Nostradamus. Both were pretty switched on cookies for their time and bizarrely, both seemed to know what was coming long before we did.


Whilst @N26throwaway is up for the adventure, I take @Topsy2‘s viewpoint. VR has never got going and I suspect it’s had it’s chance.

This latest thing - well we’ll see, won’t we?

As far as investing in this device, it’s a resolute NO, unless they give them away in boxes of Cornflakes (such as they did back in the day with plastic soldiers - Guardsmen as I recall - musicians).

And even if they do, I’ll stick it on eBay.

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Now THERE’s a proper bloke.

Winged Flying machines

As Allan Clarke said in his 1960’s series “Civilisation”, Da Vinci was a real geezer……(I think :thinking:).

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Yup! for a geezer who was born in 1452, DaVinci was quite the visionary. Makes a lot of us look a bit weak :laughing:

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The Leeds United striker? :thinking:

Civilisation was Kenneth Clark :smile:

And NOT this one :rofl:

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Ah yes, of course.

Allan Clarke (not this great Leeds striker) was his son.


Like me, he was left-handed……

Just saying :sunglasses:

I still have my Google Glass Explorer Edition. Way ahead of its time.


Killing Glass was a mistake. Imagine where that tech could be now if they kept at it! :exploding_head:

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I’m slow to the party on this one :point_up:

All along, I thought you were on about Arthur C Clark :joy:

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Bl**dy hell - I’d forgotten all about him. :joy:

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