The Apple Thread

Just wanted to create a new thread for all things Apple as I’m sitting here checking my DPD tracking every hour for some movement even though I’m not supposed to get anything until tomorrow.

If I go into Venomx mode, the text from DPD says “book your 1h slot” but I don’t see an option to do so. I suppose they’ll still send me a slot that they like if I don’t?

Also, WWDC is just around the corner, and I can’t wait to install the new iOS beta as soon as it’s out then moan that banking apps don’t work anymore :joy:


I’m down for an Apple Thread!

With rumours now becoming more concrete with series 7 Apple Watch getting a redesign, it’s certainly going to be time for me to give Apple Watch another go this time around.

I’m stoked for wwdc too. I desperately need a new Macbook, and iPadOS desperately needs more maclike functionality!

I have a new iMac on it’s way - originally it had May 28 - June 3 for delivery, but now it is coming tomorrow, very excited

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Which colour?

I want every colour. If only I had the money, and enough surfaces to display them! I really hope the colours will come to this year’s iPhone lineup too as I’m a sucker for a colourful iPhone

I went for the 11 instead of the Pro for the colour options, but this year the lineup was so terrible that I went back to the Pro. Now if I could have a coloured Pro phone, that would be amazing!

I’ve just upgraded my series 4 watch to a series 6 and there’s so little difference I wish I’d waiting until September for the 7. Might have to upgrade again :rofl:

I went with silver because I’m not keen on the pastel shades, I wish the back colours were carried over to the front (in which case I would have got blue).

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I’m waiting for one to come in 50 shades of Space Grey. I have a pacific blue iPhone and I really wish I had ordered the black one

I am also hoping (as I am sure everyone is) that the next iPhone will have USB C given it’s the only device in their line up now without it.

I like the blue, but only if a bright light hits it at a shallow angle. Otherwise I can’t tell if it’s gray or blue or what. I regret not going with the silver (I swore I wouldn’t get another coloured stainless steel iPhone and here we are)

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I’ve been tempted on several occasions to just get a series 6! I want it for the health stuff mostly, especially as I’m getting old. Apple Fitness looks really good too which you need the watch for.

After seeing the rumours recently though and the mock-ups, I’m glad I waited, otherwise I’d have been all too tempted to upgrade from a series 6 less than a year after buying it! :sweat_smile:

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I have a black case on it now so I don’t really notice it but I should have sent it back whilst I had the chance

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If you’re coming to Apple from Android I understand this, but having had iPhones for years now, I have lightning cables everywhere which a couple have been replaced by wireless charging but not all.

I don’t want to have to replace them with USBC.


Please tell me you’re tracking Airtags.

I get your point entirely but I have the iphone, ipad and macbook pro. if the phone was USB C I would be able to carry one less cable

I’d actually prefer no ports to be honest, providing they supply a fast charging wireless charger.


My only AirTag has been delivered a week or so ago, but that would be great

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Apple’s privacy ads are so well done. Here’s the latest one:

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Nothing coming tomorrow but I did buy an M1 MacBook Pro a couple of weeks ago for when I’m away from home. I have an iMac Pro at home so not particularly portable :slightly_smiling_face:

Will most likely upgrade from iPhone 11 PM to iPhone 13 this year and probably upgrade Watch S5 to S7, too.

Not that I’m an Apple Fanboy or anything (he writes, listening to Metallica on his HomePod).

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Relying on iCloud and Airdrop for data transfer really doesn’t sound great, furthermore we’d lose access to resetting the phone from anything but an iCloud backup