As it’s Saturday….. a heads-up: YouTube subscriptions are cheaper on their website

I have very few online subscriptions, but one I do find useful is YouTube, primarily for its specialist forums (Astronomy, motorbikes and EV’s… oh and those “it all ends well” animal videos. How’s that for eclectic :relieved:).

Anyway, I bought into the Premium version at a slightly painful £15.99 a month. Today I got an email informing me I’d be paying £16.99 from next month.

In the same email they told me if I cancel now, I can sign up via the website for £12.99 - not an introductory offer :anguished:. What’s that all about?

p.s. I did :relieved:

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I subscribe to Youtube Premium but have only ever paid £11.99 via the website. It’s now going up to £12.99.

It sounds like you’ve been subscribing via the phone app, which has always been a lot more expensive than via the website.


Exactly that. One would have thought it’d be cheaper. Hey ho - job done (nice of them to inform me).

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I just looked on the app and it says £12.99 but I’m on android.

Are you on iPhone by any chance? Maybe it’s to cover the 30% fee Apple charge for in app subscriptions.


I am. I just don’t know how I missed the difference in billing.

Yes, this is it.

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This is a common issue. A lot of apps don’t allow in app subscriptions so they don’t have to pay the fee or if they do some charge more.

It’s annoying with Amazon as you can’t buy books on the app. You have to go on the website :person_shrugging:

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I pay £19.99 for Premium Family, though I couldn’t care less about the video side of things - I subscribe purely for YouTube Music. I haven’t had a price increase notification as yet.

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Change happens to us all sooner then we’d all think sometimes…Can’t say much more then that.

I got my Music email the other day

To continue delivering great service and features, we will be increasing the Music Premium plan price to £10.99/month.

Is that the website price?

That’s a lot! I pay 40p per month for Tidal family having signed up via a VPN

Get @Rexx to teach you how to vpn. My friend who pays for premium, pays something like £1 a month.

I’m quite happy with vinegar on my phone though. YouTube on the TV is noise for falling asleep to. Doesn’t matter to me if that noise is coming from an advert or the actual video about the simulation theory.

I’m pretty au fait with VPN and I regret to admit I know one or two tricks for streaming.

Big question though……. “Vinegar”? :thinking:

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The best browser plugin for iOS. Makes YouTube usable, with the caveat of preventing ads altogether as well. Unlocks a bunch of the features YouTube locks behind the paywall as well.


Thank you - I’ll take a butcher’s

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The party is over. Tidal emailed me yesterday stating only Argentinean credit cards are to be accepted, and if you “moved abroad” you have to migrate your account over there. £0.50 family pass will be no more in a week, gutted.

How would they know you have a Foreign card ?

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I tried it once with the Indian VPN on Proton, got round the geoblocking no problem in terms of sign up but the card payment failed…I am now back to the drawing board.

Other option is to pay for Youtube Music through Plutus for £10 equiv in PLU however Plutus are moving the goalposts on their tiers soon.