Atom Bank thread

You can have more than one?! That may tempt me! I’d imagine there’s a cap on this too though?

Wouldn’t need to go that specific. It’s currently the highest paying FSCS protected easy access saver.

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I’ve only gone with Atom because I have a considerable amount to save/invest and have already maxed out Premium Bonds and S&S ISA for this year. I needed somewhere to stash the rest, some of which I’ll probably need before too long.


Each comes with a hard credit search

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:grimacing: best I wait then after the palaver of trying to get the super secret posh rbs account, thanks to bailing and timing out applications!

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Ah, that email makes sense to me then as to why I did not receive it.

I did not get the duplicate and troublesome text that was involved.

Fair enough.

Ah I see, good of them to have tracked down who were sent them and then send out an email. I’ll happily receive some more erroneous texts from my other banks for 15 quid a pop!

I just want Starling to start having 5 outages a month again

I started complaining that it wasn’t good enough in-case I needed to use my card, told them I only use credit

They paid me £30 an outage and it was a happy time all the two times it happened

Still no £15, but I’ll not hassle them. :relieved:

I’m £15 richer - thanks Atom :partying_face:


The £15 is classed as interest, I noticed.

Presumably makes sense to them.

I’ll update the title to accommodate broader points about Atom Bank…

So taxable for some then.


Only if Atom report the £15 to HMRC, along with the ‘normal’ interest.

Not only have they stolen your catchphrase @Graham they still haven’t taken the feedback on board yet!

Too right……… and too right :confused:

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I regret that the Vault remains an utter mess. The number of times they’ve been prodded about simplifying it are legion.

It’s got to be the simplest of fixes…

Hey ho. Not a disaster.

If you’re still waiting for Atom to launch current accounts after 5 years of them promising it was coming soon, I wouldn’t hold your breath…

Have you got any plans to introduce a current account? MM: We don’t have active plans at the moment, but we are building the technology capabilities that will allow us to do it when we decide the time is right.

That’s a bit disappointing in all honesty.

More from the Mark Mullen Q&A here: