Banking on iOS 16

It’s that time of year again!

The first Public Beta of iOS 16 has now been released, and of course betas have already been available for Developers for some time.

In previous years, I have compiled a list of which apps were working and which weren’t, which many people found helpful, so I thought it might be a good idea to curate a list of which banking apps are working under the new release at the current time, which we can update throughout the beta period.

Generally, almost every app other than banking app will work fine - it’s just that banking apps do often block themselves from loading on “unrecognised” releases as a security measure.

Banking Apps
:white_check_mark: Bank of Scotland
:white_check_mark: Barclays
:question: Barclays Video Banking
:question: bunq
:question: Cashplus Bank
:white_check_mark: Chase UK
:white_check_mark: Co-operative Bank
:x: Coutts
:white_check_mark: Danske Bank
:white_check_mark: dozens
:white_check_mark: First Direct
:white_check_mark: Halifax
:question: Handelsbanken
:white_check_mark: HSBC
:white_check_mark: KBC Bank Ireland
:question: Kroo
:white_check_mark: Lloyds Bank
:white_check_mark: Metro Bank
:white_check_mark: Monese
:white_check_mark: Monzo
:white_check_mark: M&S Bank
:white_check_mark: Nationwide
:white_check_mark: NatWest
:question: Pockit
:white_check_mark: RBS
:white_check_mark: Revolut
:white_check_mark: Santander
:question: Smile
:white_check_mark: Starling
:question: Tandem
:white_check_mark: Tesco Bank
:question: thinkmoney
:white_check_mark: TSB
:white_check_mark: Ulster Bank NI
:white_check_mark: Virgin Money

Business Banking Apps
:question: HSBC Business Banking
:question: HSBC Kinetic
:question: Mettle Business
:question: NatWest Bankline
:white_check_mark: Revolut Business
:question: Tide

Bank Authenticator Apps
:white_check_mark: Danske ID
:white_check_mark: Cynergy Bank Authenticator

Credit Apps
:white_check_mark: American Express
:question: Argos Card
:white_check_mark: Aqua Credit Card
:white_check_mark: Barclaycard
:white_check_mark: Bip
:question: Butter
:question: Capital One
:question: Creation Credit Card
:question: Fluid Card
:question: Jaja
:question: Klarna
:white_check_mark: Marbles Card
:white_check_mark: MBNA
:white_check_mark: New Day Credit Cards
:white_check_mark: Sainsbury’s Bank Credit Card
:white_check_mark: Tymit
:question: Vanquis
:white_check_mark: Virgin Money Credit Cards
:question: Zable Card (formerly Level Card)
:question: Zilch
:question: Zopa
:question: 118 118 Money

Savings & Investment Apps
:white_check_mark: Atom Bank
:white_check_mark: Chip
:question: Circa5000
:white_check_mark: Freetrade
:white_check_mark: Hargreaves Lansdown
:white_check_mark: Marcus
:question: Moneybox
:question: MyAviva
:white_check_mark: Nutmeg
:white_check_mark: NS&I
:white_check_mark: Plum
:white_check_mark: PrimaryBid
:question: Royal London
:white_check_mark: Trading 212
:white_check_mark: Wealthify

Payments Apps
:question: Cash App
:question: Moneygram
:question: PaySend
:question: Remitly
:white_check_mark: Wise (formerly TransferWise)
:question: WorldRemit
:question: XE Currency & Money Transfers

Money Management Apps
:question: Cleo
:white_check_mark: Curve
:white_check_mark: Emma
:question: Glint
:question: Hyperjar
:question: MoneyDashboard Neon
:question: Oval Money
:white_check_mark: PayPal
:question: Splitwise
:question: Snoop
:question: Updraft
:question: Wagestream
:question: Zen

Kids Banking Apps
:question: gohenry
:question: Revolut Junior

Crypto Apps
:question: Binance
:question: Blockchain Wallet
:question: Celsius Network
:white_check_mark: Coinbase
:white_check_mark: Coinbase Card
:question: Coinbase Pro
:white_check_mark: Coinbase Wallet
:question: Cryptopay
:question: Exodus
:question: Kraken
:question: Luno
:question: Mode
:question: Monolith
:question: Plutus
:question: Wirex
:question: Ziglu

I hope some of you might find this information helpful if you are considering testing out the beta.

PS: If you are interested in downloading the Public Beta, which is available now, you can register by going to - and don’t forget to back up before installing.


You’re early!

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I know - but only by about 7 or 8 hours!

It pays be ready, haha.


You’re a fine public-spirited person, that’s what you are, @Seb ! :relieved:


Thanks for the compliment @Graham, you’re too kind!


Any news on RBS and Barclays?

These are annoying to set up on dummy devices so I won’t be testing them. They make you do a selfie video now like Monzo. I hate it.

Will report back on RBS once I’ve got it on a device unless someone beats me to it.

If last year is anything to go by, banks are getting better at this. Except HSBC.

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HSBC seem to be one of the most prominent banks to deliberately block apps from working for spurious “security” reasons.

Very few other banks do that these days, but they are often still prone to breaking anyway due to changes in iOS APIs and fixes are often not a priority as they know they have until September to fix it for “normal” customers, plus sometimes the issues are resolved by further changes that Apple make themselves.


Work on iOS 16

Work on iOS 16


At @Seb’s request, the first post is now a wiki post, so you should be able to edit it and update it as needed :blush:


Updated Revolut, Curve, RBS, KBC, AMEX, and Metro Bank. All working.

Also updated Revolut business and Trading212 as working courtesy of Michael from the Monzo community.

Updating Tickr’s name to their new one: Circa5000

And updated nationwide, NatWest, Barclaycard, Atom, and Freetrade as working and First direct as not working courtesy of more folks at Monzo.

Barclays also works, so you’re good to go @ndrw

Updated coinbase, coinbase card, and added coinbase wallet, Virgin Money credit cards and Tymit as working, and MBNA as not working courtesy of Chapuys at the Monzo community.


Great effort there with the updates @N26throwaway! :+1:

Also thanks to @Mathew for making the post a wiki.

I’ve moved HSBC to not working based on the feedback on First Direct and M&S Bank, which both don’t work. I’m assuming, therefore, that HSBC is also unlikely to work.


Confirmed by a poster on the MacRumors forums.


Hargreaves Lansdown, Nutmeg, PayPal and Wise all confirmed as :white_check_mark:. First post has been updated.


Updated the Aqua suite (Bip, Marbles, New Day) as well as Sainsbury’s CC app. NS&I too (incl Prize Checker works). Tesco Bank is also a go.

M&S is still dead, as is HSBC presumably.


Updated Marcus as that’s working without issue. Included primarybid as well


Known “not working” apps, as far as I can tell, are all the HSBC group apps (including First Direct and M&S Bank).

I’ve also found Danske ID doesn’t work, which is to be expected as they always block betas like HSBC.

Everything else seems pretty much OK - although I haven’t exhaustively tested every minor savings app on my phone yet!

So anybody updating to the public beta should just be warned about HSBC, really.

Does anybody know if the Stock Events app works with iOS 16 yet? It’s an app which monitors your shares and notifies you of the date and amount of dividends.

I shall test it out, since I have enough shares to want to know

Edit: seems to work, but I’m not sure if this math is right? I have 4500~ shares of Lloyds and it reckons I’ll receive a dividend of £60~

Can someone confirm ?

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Thanks - that would be correct for the last dividend paid in May but the next one should be ~£30 (0.67p per share).

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