Barclays Bank joins the switching bribes party with £175 to join them

Get £175 when you switch your current account to us

Use the Barclays app1 to switch your current account to us before 30 November 2023 and we’ll give you a £175 bonus to say thank you. Here’s how:

  • Open a sole Barclays Bank Account in the app and join Barclays Blue Rewards2
  • Or join Premier Banking by opening a sole Premier Current Account in the app
  • Complete a full switch in the Barclays app, including at least two active Direct Debits, using the hassle-free Current Account Switch Service
  • Start your switch before 30 November 2023 and complete it within 30 days
  • Get £175 into your new current account within 28 working days.

Big caveat with theirs though.

You need to not already have an account with them to be eligible.

Yep, it’s a joining bonus sadly.

Not quite as lucrative as last year’s one either but still better than nothing.

I had no personal account with them because they had no bribes. I have just opened one. Switching an idle Santander account.

I wish I wasn’t already a customer.

I’m waiting for something I can offload my Santander account to as well, but I think I’ve used everything up for the time being.

December last year was my second go around at all the switching incentives. So probably gonna have to wait a couple more years before I can do any again.

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What’s the sequence here? Open account > join Blue Rewards > ask to switch?

As long as you have done all by the end date, order won’t matter.
Be aware that you will not be able to create a new payee for about 4 says after account opening just in case you send in money.

I started this process last week, having never had any dealings with Barclays before. I am not enjoying the experience. It took four days from opening the account to being able to add a payee, fine, not had this before, but fine.

The app is terrible, I’m struggling to navigate to do the most basic things, got the hang of it a bit, still annoying.

Trying to register for the blue rewards, hit the button, get an error message ‘UD001’ with no information as to what the error is. Fine, I’ve just moved the £800 across, maybe I’ll be able to setup blue rewards in a few days. Can’t find the T&C’s for rewards, probably hidden in there somewhere, fine, will look on their website.

Trying to set up biometrics (fingerprint logon), just crashes out every time I try, so just not going to bother with that I guess.

Worst app based banking experience I’ve had to date, and I was an early adopter of mobile banking, I’d say nationwide is better, with NatWest being way in the lead as far as the big banks are concerned (and a lot of the fintechs imo, but I digress). I’ve gone so far, I might as well persevere for the bribe (using a floating account for switching offers obviously), but having tried the app, I am sure to never actually use Barclays for anything ever.

Rant over, just thought I’d share.

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Can’t say I disagree - it’s the most icky online/mobile banking UX imo, followed by Santander and then Lloyds BG (some may disagree with this one but I have had nightmares on the Halifax app) It’s putting me off jumping the hoops to do the Barclays deal, I can just sense the vexation.

Nationwide has limited functionality but the UI is actually fairly uncluttered.

Are you using the Android version? I am on iOS and had no issue so far apart from not being able to add Payee up to now.
I joined Blue rewards with no problem at all (before even depositing the £800), I haven’t had any app crashes so far.
I set up biometrics just fine.
I have not yet taken time to check out other features since I am there for the money.
Just started the switch this morning and I was a bit annoyed I could not choose a preferred switch completion date as other banks do.

Up to date Android, but in this day and age there’s no excuse to give half your customers a crappy experience.

More Barclays woes

Goodbye TSB, hello Barclays.

I switched 9 days ago at the time of posting. Never had a Barclays account before and TSB after just 3 months of me switching to them from Starling, gave me the nudge in an unforeseen way. Basically, I applied for a TSB Platinum credit card, and they firmly rejected me :joy:

Just goes to show how fickle credit scoring is. I have a very healthy Amex credit limit and I have a perfect credit score in all fronts. I even have a mortgage with TSB and I have a healthy monthly income with basically zero debt, but nope, just not good enough for TSB :rofl: So obviously, I dumped them like a brick and have hopefully earned myself the free £175 as I’ve fulfilled all of the requirements to qualify.

Anyway, the Barclays App is clearly lagging behind other banking apps but is very usable. I’ve got open banking with my Nationwide account, I’ve chucked a load of spare cash into the Rainy Day saver for the 5 percent interest rate.

The actual switch went without a hitch. My only gripe is that the debit card and PIN number arrived at exactly the same time, so anyone could easily work out that the plastic in the envelope and the separate Barclays emblazoned PIN number envelope, were undoubtedly related :man_facepalming:

Disappointed too that the debit card has embossed numbers, so yesterday :joy:

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This is exactly what I experienced.

Yes, ridiculously poor in my opinion, but then, what do I know

You’ve misunderstood the purpose of credit scoring. It’s not (just) to work out how likely you are to pay them back, it’s to work out how appealing a customer you are, ergo how much money they might make from you. Amex can make a profit from you every time you use your card thanks to their unique position as both a card network and an issuer. TSB do not have that luxury - and on platinum cards they are offering an interest free period - the cost (or opportunity cost) of them offering that credit is not zero, and it is done in the pursuit of profit elsewhere or down the line.

Also your “perfect credit score in all fronts” means jack to TSB (or any other lender), as they cannot see them. You should treat them as such.


My switch completed on 14th, I have received the sweet £175 today

Just joined said account open by barclays app. Just gone back into app and it says service not available use web. Does this mean it has fallen over? This was on the android app. No email or account details.

People on Reddit saiid account opening is closed for certain hours in the night till around 7 am if I remember correctly.

Its now showing went in and out of the app. Applied and got blue rewards and did switch by prouducts in app. Is that all correct for switching £175 bribe.