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Yes it was copied direct from chat.

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So…. It’s not official-speak :smirk:. Upon reflection, I should retract my criticism of corporate Chase. And do.

It was my chat to them on my chase app that I copied as they respond to my cashback ending soon.

Yes, got that. :slightly_smiling_face:

Now we wait and see……

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Sounds like they will only count DDs coming out of a current account so I’ll end up setting up two silly ones to cover that.

Coventry allows DDs out of what’s basically a savings account i.e. Chase aren’t totally unique on the DD front.

Morning all

I asked if DD’s from Savings Accounts qualify as all my DD’s come from a Chase Savings account and they said this:

Thanks for patiently waiting, Glen. As per checking, as long as you have Direct Debit on your account, you will be qualified for the new cashback. No worries, you will be notify with the full details once this goes Live

So I take from that DDs from Current or Savings qualify.

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This sounds great. However, as I joined late last year, it shows I’m currently on the £15 cashback limit until late this year (but no need for DDs or even a minimum pay in). Hopefully they will move everyone onto the new £25 version from April, as I would prefer that.

Isn’t it currently a £500 pay-in to qualify for cashback?

Think he’s on about the 12 month from opening account cashback that we had way back when which required no minimum payin


Yes, I’m still on an initial 12 month period in which there is no specified pay-in requirement, but cashback is limited at £15/month. Many people have already had this (some had unlimited cashback) and then gone on to a scheme in which they must pay in £500/month to qualify for cashback in the following month. Hopefully we will all move onto the new scheme in April…

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That would make real sense.


Thanks for checking! That puts me at ease. Really didn’t want to have to fiddle with or change my direct debit setup.


Me neither. All my personal DD’s are with Chase. I like it, I like the way you’re notified and the way Chase display next day DD’s.


I opened my account on November 17th, does that mean I stay as I am until November 17th 2024?

Hi Mark, on the app, if you go into the rewards section, then tap on “active offers” it should tell you what your current cashback offer is and for how long it lasts. Tapping on that will give more details. For me it shows I have 1%, limited to £15/month, with the standard exclusions, until the 1 year anniversary of opening my account.

Greetings, thank you just checked it says until 17th November 2024.

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I was wondering why I never get anymore survey emails.
They end up in spam.
I think they don’t have proper DKIM, DMARC and SPF DNS records now that Gmail is more strict on them.

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Chase have topped the MSE poll again. And have actually improved their rating, from 94% to 96%. And only 0.5% rated them poor.

That’s some real darn good customer satisfaction that we’ve just never seen from any bank before now. Hope others step up their game.