Club Lloyds: free Disney+


Strong perk, easily the best value Club Lloyds option.

Agreed. Certainly a lurch forward from having to choose a restaurant subscription I would likely never use or a magazine I didn’t really want after the 2nd month :smirk:.

Well done Lloyds

Really great move from Lloyds

I was planning to downgrade later this year and move all in with Chase but this is reason enough to stay

Sadly of no use to me.

My Disney+ subscription renews April and I always select the cheaper annual option.

My Club Lloyds benefits do not renew until middle of October :person_shrugging:

Ah well. I’ll stick with the cinema then.

I’m not sure everyone will see a lot of value in Disney+

Unless you’re into Star Wars, Marvel, or have young kids, Disney+ doesn’t seem to me to have much going for it. I’ve had free access to Disney+ for the last 4 months and in that time I think I’ve only used it to watch one series and probably no more than one or two movies.


Have to say I agree. Nothing there for me either.

I am currentky binge watching NCIS Hawaii on it :rofl:

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Possibly cutting off your nose to spite your face no?

You could either pay monthly until your renewal (pay for 6 months instead of 10, effectively) then opt for Disney+ lifestyle benefit, or you could ‘opt out’ at renewal time then opt in to Disney+ when your paid subscription ends.

Unless you’re convinced you’re getting similar value out of the cinema tickets, I’d be inclined to do one of these.

I like this idea tbf.

Do Lloyds allow you to defer your selection? I’ll have to check.

Cinema tickets are currently worth about £68 to me (based on VIP seats), or £48 based on Vue Super Saver seats, so Disney offer is the clear winner for value.

6 months Disney at monthly rate is also about £48 (bar a few pence).

I had a magazine selection due by the 31st. I’ve selected Opt Out and the indication is that I’ll still be able to sign up after but the reward will be pro-rata’d. I’ll let you know on the 1st how it works out.

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I’m not a fan of Disney + or paid for bank accounts, but this is the kind of reward I think bears further examination.

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There’s no fee payable if you pay in £2000 a month (from any source, including other Lloyds accounts, and can be done in as many chunks as you like).

I don’t particularly care for the mouse but my other half feels differently and there is genuinely good stuff on there.

It appears this isn’t happening until May 1st now…

Not the first time Andy Webb has got a rather important detail wrong…

Interesting. I wonder what changed between that press release and the stated date. Or perhaps a miscommunication around the Rakuten benefit ending (which did disappear at midnight on the 1st as expected) and the new benefit beginning.

Might pop in a complaint since it was an official statement.

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Don’t suppose Starbucks are part of the coffee club? :face_holding_back_tears:

No, Nero is the major coffee shop brand: Coffee Club | Home

Shame, not a fan of Nero