Co-operative Bank £125 Refer-a-friend

Refer a Friend | Current Account | The Co-operative Bank

No restrictions on having received previous incentives, just need to not hold a current account prior to applying for a new one.

I’m happy to provide my account details if you need someone to refer you, just drop me a PM :slight_smile:


Throwing my hat into the ring.

I’ve been referred myself and have guided another 3 people to what was the £50 bonus.

Given it’s ease, the £125 is looking pretty competitive now.


Referrals coming through pretty promptly following the switch completing and form being submitted. Still time (but possibly not much) to get involved for an easy £125 around New Year’s.

Indeed - I’ve only ever had one delayed but I think the referred party made an error.

I’ve had a similar experience - the switch bonus came through quickly and it was quite straightforward. Happy to provide a referral if anyone needs one :slightly_smiling_face: