Co-operative Bank £125 Refer-a-friend

Refer a Friend | Current Account | The Co-operative Bank

No restrictions on having received previous incentives, just need to not hold a current account prior to applying for a new one.

I’m happy to provide my account details if you need someone to refer you, just drop me a PM :slight_smile:


Throwing my hat into the ring.

I’ve been referred myself and have guided another 3 people to what was the £50 bonus.

Given it’s ease, the £125 is looking pretty competitive now.


Referrals coming through pretty promptly following the switch completing and form being submitted. Still time (but possibly not much) to get involved for an easy £125 around New Year’s.

Indeed - I’ve only ever had one delayed but I think the referred party made an error.

I’ve had a similar experience - the switch bonus came through quickly and it was quite straightforward. Happy to provide a referral if anyone needs one :slightly_smiling_face:


Definitely an interesting offer, hopefully one that will stay too, so I might join up to the co-op bank and get a cool £125 in the pocket all being well :crossed_fingers:

It is ending December 16th

Ah yeah I’ve just seen that now! That’s a shame :pensive:

Getting the £125 was easy.

Moving it out of the Co-op account, not so.

I sort of expected it, as I was adding a new payee and emptying this useless account, but twenty minutes on a call, going over and over again as to why I was moving it, and having to listen to warning after warning, and finally, having to say, in my own words, that I accepted that if this was a fraudulent transaction, I wouldn’t get the money back. Phew!!

I was moving it to an account in my name, verified by CoP. Such a rigmarole.

But then, Co-op not unique in this anti-fraud drama though, are they? :person_shrugging:


Same thing happened to me as a new customer - has since settled down lol

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We are having to pay out fraud loses, even when money is moved to someones own account. APP fraud refunds have really made fraud prevention such a pain now.

Explain (?)

Don’t forget your princess words.

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In some cases, even when someone has moved money from one of their own accounts to another of their own accounts (different bank), and then onward to a fraudster, some cases are now getting refunds being applied across both banks.

Thats it in real simple terms but it’s such a mess when it comes to deciding on refunds. when the money moves from accounts in the victims on name.

The offer is back: Refer a Friend | Current Account | The Co-operative Bank

If anyone needs a referral, I’m very happy to help. I’ve donated 10% of all the proceeds from my referrals last time around to the running of Fintech Forum, and I’ll happily do the same again if anyone else needs a referral.


Great news! It wasn’t gone for long!

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Offer ends 28th February (this Tuesday).

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Yeah and they still slow at opening accounts. Even slower than November!

The offer’s back - with a few extra strings.

Applicants must now:

  • Deposit £800 (which can be withdrawn straight away)
  • set-up 2 Direct Debits
  • make a minimum of 5 card payments (which is probably easier done in person by buying 5 bananas at a self checkout one by one, as signing up for Verified by Visa involves a phonecall!)
  • register for online banking services

Additionally anybody who has held a Co-op or Smile account since November is now excluded.

If anyone needs a referral, please reach out and I’ll ensure 10% of what I earn goes back to the running of Fintech Forum.

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They were crap to deal with last time around. And that was without the hoops.

I wouldn’t recommend these to anyone.

Closing my account.