Coop Bank Refer a Friend?

I’m considering a Co-op account as you can instigate a CHAPS payment via Secure Messaging - my current option is branch based only…

I see they offer £50 referrals from existing clients - anyone with an account willing to instigate this?

Not sure about coop never met anyone who uses them. But just as an alternative starling also chaps though in app messaging. It’s also £5 cheaper

In theory - I could cater to the payment via FP using Starling. This would involve opening an account with them.

That said FP limits are fine for existing accounts I have (Revolut & Dozens) but something puts me off using them for such purposes (Revolut due to compliance checks and Dozens due to limited opening hours moreso). It would also be good to have an option to do it through a joint account.

Is Starling a better option? I’ve heard horror stories about their CS akin to Revolut…but the joint account element is good.

I’m thinking more to have a BAM option in case I chose it when the time comes. I thought my RBS account would fit the bill but you can only do such a payment in branch - ludicrous!

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Starling offer both faster payments and chaps payments (chaps payments are £20)

They also seem to support faster payments for a maximum of £500,000 in one day (max £250,000 per transfer) so no fee that way.

I’ve had no issue with starling myself but I’ve had the account open a while and have fairy regular payments going in and out.

I’ve used their support a few times but mainly for things that haven’t been time sensitive so I just leave them a message and they get back to me later. Overall I’ve been happy.

If I was sending a large payment I’d be letting them know either way, but I’d do that with any bank.

Figured I’d just put it out there as an option as you’re looking for banks that offer in-app chaps payments

I saw that. They’ve been improving but obviously are still behind on some aspects of their banking infrastructure.


Having experienced both, I’d choose Starling all day long.

CS , for me, has always been professional and responsive - particularly when I had a large payment to make. I was supported through every stage.


I appreciate it. We’d both have to open an account but it could be an option!

Good to hear! Thanks for the feedback

What stages were there? Was it FP OR CHAPS

I’ve used Starling in the past but it’s been closed a while now - I wouldn’t use it day to day but for this purpose it could be good!

@Rexx I do have a Co-op account if you would like me to refer you!

I opened it a while ago for a switch incentive at the time, and have kept it ticking over ever since to earn their Everyday Rewards (which have now been cut to a level not worth bothering with).

I’ve always found their service very good when I’ve used secure messaging, although they are behind on the technology front. ‘No frills’ would probably be the way to put it!

They have an app, but it is only really useful for viewing your account and making payments.

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PS: Important Terms of the Offer

The person being referred must switch in to a new Co-op account of either their standard or packaged type (not Smile) and not hold any existing Co-op current accounts.

There is no need to switch any Direct Debits.


Well my RBS is used solely for 4 boring shared household DDs and a standing order. I wouldn’t need the app much other than the odd balance check (I did use RBS for cheque imaging but I work next door to a Coop branch and have trained my Gran to top up by link/card on Revolut now when she wishes to help out :sweat_smile:)

Beyond that I kept the BAM bank for the purposes I’ve referenced (prospective large payment)

I thought the secure messaging approach for CHAPS looked good as I’d have the provided bank details in black and white

I reckon it’d probably suit my needs - so yeah go ahead - will have the benefit of being opened as a joint account rather than separately as with Starling

Assuming joint accounts are eligible at the same amount? I’ve/we’ve never been with Coop before - msg me if you need to to get the ball rolling

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All the information about the offer is here but I can’t see anything about joint accounts?

Presumably they are eligible, but perhaps not?

I could use my Co-op secure messaging to ask for you, if you like?

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Earning that £50! Would be great if you could ask

If all good - go ahead and send me what you need to send!

I’ll have to pester GF to do it :joy: but presume your referral would last for a period? (Could check that too if not too cheeky haha)

Just seen this

If the current account that you are switching to us is in joint names, we will only credit the current account with £50 per account, not £50 for each person named on the account.

OK - so joint accounts are eligible, that’s good.

Step 1 is to apply for the account and get accepted, then start the switch.

Step 2 is to fill in the “referral form” which you would need an existing customer’s details for.

So the ball is in your court to start with!

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Okie dokie - so it will be at least 7 or 8 working days until “ Once your switch is complete, please fill in the referral form below.”

At which point I’ll DM you?

Funny how they’re relying on very little technical linking of the two parties!

Yes, it looks that way!

I’ll send you my details when you’re ready for them - hopefully you don’t have any problems opening the account.

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Application is in! Earliest they can switch me is Feb 22nd

No instant decision - comes in 24h. Also need to post a joint app form so think that explains the wait…

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Let me know once it’s open, then I’ll PM you.

You have to know your new Co-op account details to fill in the referral form, so we have to wait until then (but don’t, it seems, actually need to wait for the switch to complete).

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Ooh where does it say that? I’m sure it said wait for switch to complete

I’m going to have to fill in a joint account form & apparently if ID is needed they’ll let me know in the post (I’ll chase that up myself before prob)

Any forms I can take to a branch near my work rather than post - prob in the minority there :joy:

Can form part of my lunch walk - ironic given I want the account to do CHAPS online but that is more likely to be when I’m not in a City Centre (and both parties present)

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The page with the terms on does say:

2.2.3. complete the referral form contained on the offer webpage once you have your Co-operative Bank sort code, account number and switch end date; and
2.2.4. your Co-operative Bank current account must be open at the time the incentive is due to be paid, in order to be eligible to receive the payment

Perhaps it’s still best to wait until the switch is complete, just in case, as the rest of the page implies that filling in the form is definitely a step 3 in the process after switching?

That’s a good idea - they can probably put them in their internal post then, which would hopefully speed things up!

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