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Don’t know if there’s a specific thread for this already. I know credit scores are fictional, blah blah blah but I like to check my credit reports for any changes more than for the number. Well, my ClearScore report has been saying an update will be available in 1 day… for the past week! Anyone else experienced this before?


I think ClearScore have just gone from monthly to weekly credit reports… perhaps log out and back in, or uninstall then reinstall the app. Is it also happening on the web version?


Mine says there’s a delay in updating

Updated weekly - Updated 22 days ago

Your report has been delayed

We’re sorry, your report has been delayed

Sometimes there are unexpected delays in getting the latest data from our credit bureau partner. We are usually able to resolve this within a day.

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Mine too.

Same message as above post.

Mine was saying that but now says the same as @ndrw ‘s

Sounds like you both have an update pending which will show once they fix their issue.

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Does everyone else get so many soft searches with Credit Karma by Credit Karma? I’ve had 28 in June. I know that’s how they try and sell their products, but why so many?

Just checked my Credit Karma report.

29 soft searches by Credit Karma themselves during June 2021, often two on the same day. In fact, 14x2, + isolated one on the 11th.

Checked May 2021. 27 searches. 26 over 13 days (2 a piece), plus an isolated one again.

All say Consumer Credit File Request

Requested by who exactly?

Certainly not me?

Just two emails from Credit Karma during June 2021.

One trying to peddle stuff. The second, reporting a soft search on my file and checking I was aware of it. (Which I was, as was renewing car insurance and looking at comparison websites)


Credit Karma is not a CRA - they have to request your credit file from Transunion and that’s what you’re seeing.

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I get that, but 28 times a month? One a week I could understand.


Indeed. I wonder if it’s anything to do with how often you fetch the report in the app? I check mine pretty much every day and have a similar number of Credit Karma soft searches.

I look at mine possibly once a month. So that’s not the reason.

@Chistery did you sign up to any alerts? If so, maybe they scan your report daily so they can send alerts for new activity, etc.

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TotallyMoney does this.

The app says they will update your score every time you open the app, plus once a month.

So if you open the app, they request your credit file (presumably). Other apps don’t necessarily do the same thing, but they may also periodically search your file to check for changes so they can send alerts, as @caligula says.

I do not have a Credit Karma app on my phone and log into the website once a month so what’s their excuse in my case, I wonder

I mentioned it before, but it seems for me at least, that TransUnion are the only credit reference agency that are on the ball with my credit reports. I’ve moved twice in the last 3 months (one was a temporary move but I still paid Council Tax and I registered to vote) and now I’m in my new house just 3 weeks and I’m confirmed registered to vote and TransUnion have already caught up with me and have my new address listed on my credit report.

Sadly, the same cannot be said for Experian and Equifax. Both are still listing me as being resident at my former address of almost two decades despite the fact I’m no longer on the voters list there, not paying Council Tax and every piece of official paperwork is now registered to my new home address. They really do need to sort their crap out. If TransUnion can stay up to date, there really is no excuse for the other credit reference agencies.


Yep, I’ve also found that new credit accounts appear in my TransUnion report very quickly and at least a month before the other two.

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The excuse is different systems and lots of legacy code

It’s not a good excuse, but it’s perfectly valid

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Ok, so, been in my new ‘forever’ home now for 2 months. I had a right old barney with the Electoral services department at the former temporary home I was living in because, despite actually being on the Electoral Roll at my new residence, they still had me listed on the current Electoral Roll in a different area. It was all a bit of a shambles and it has caused unnecessary issues with my credit reports.

That aside, I have come to the conclusion, that credit reports are perhaps not the best way to give an honest representation of an individual’s circumstances, especially when each of the main credit scoring agencies use completely different methods of ‘scoring’ someone and then when you look at the different reports, they all seem to contain variances on essentially the same information.

TransUnion have now caught up with me on my new address, but despite me being officially on my local Council Electoral Roll which was updated a couple of weeks back, TransUnion are still listing my former address as the Electoral Roll address. Same with the other 3 main credit score providers. My score has now dropped quite a few percentage points as well, which I’m not at all bothered about because I don’t need to apply for any loans/mortgages and I have enough credit cards all run with ridiculous efficiency. I can only put the drop in score down to my change of addresses over the last 5 months because nothing else has really changed. It’s no wonder some people get rejected for loans/mortgages etc.

I signed up for Clear Score the other day and immediately regretted it. I must have had 10 emails in the first week forcing me unsubscribe myself because they were just utter crap marketing rubbish.

Both Experian and Equifax, just as unreliable on actual data reporting on my credit report, as each other and both appear to take either weeks or months to update properly.

The only thing all four reporting providers seem to agree on, is that I have an excellent payment history, I have no CCJ’s or bankruptcies and I’m still married to the same woman, albeit her middle name has been spelt wrong for the last 20 years.

Maybe it’s about time the Government looked into the way credit scoring is carried out in the U.K.

This would be something your wife should check on the various credit agencies.

If it lists her name as wrong as well, then it’s worth sorting out just in case you ever have problems in the future. You can dispute the information that CRAs have about you, so that would be the way to do it.

It should then auto-update on your reports as well.

If it’s just wrong on your reports, you should dispute it instead.