Do you get your shopping delivered?

I’m looking to make the career jump into UX Design and working on a personal case study regarding getting your shopping delivered. I’ve created a survey that I’d be extremely grateful if people could fill out.

This topic could also serve as a discussion as to if you get your shopping delivered? Why do you, why don’t you? I’m interested to find out what most people tend to do here.

I’ll start: we recently started getting our shopping delivered from looking into it and realising the delivery fee being so low!

We have our shopping delivered weekly, currently by the orange S. Wife gets the Nectar Points.

My Wife got lucky a couple of years back and got a free 12 month delivery pass from Ocado at our former home. Ocado no longer an option for us now because we live out of their delivery zone.

I think current 12 month delivery passes for most of the big 4, are round £60 to £70 per annum.

In short, it does save a lot of mucking about and we haven’t had a bad experience yet so probably likely to continue with home shopping for many years to come. We’ve already ordered our Christmas dinner from M&S but that will of course require a visit to store.

And of course it’s not just food shopping, we get Amazon deliveries most weeks, Royal Mail (who are delivering a lot of our Amazon parcels at the moment) and DPD etc.


It definitely does take a lot of the hassle away, thank you for sharing your experience!

It started for me during the first lockdown. I’m extremely clinically vulnerable to Covid so get priority slots (still).

I use Sainsbury’s with a delivery pass. They’ve been very reliable and I rarely have more than a couple of substitutions. I pay with a Sainsbury’s credit card so end up with lots of Nectar points.


I’ve started ordering from Getir a lot recently. They don’t cover everywhere, just a few major cities.

They deliver in around 15 mins, so it’s a bit like Deliveroo/Just Eat for groceries. The prices are comparable with those in my local corner shop and they often do deals where you get x for free if you spend over £y. My last order of £25 got me a free bottle of rose champagne which usually retails for £25+!

The only downside is that it’s made me really lazy - in less than the time it would take me to go to the local shop, buy my stuff and walk back, I can have had my order delivered.


Fancy had only just arrived when it was taken over by Gopuff.

I got 50% off up to a £25 discount twice as a result, but the only stuff they had that was of interest was alcohol… And even then, the selection was extremely limited.

Gopuff kindly signed my on to the Fam subscription, which is some prime inspired all inclusive delivery thing yawn. Aggressive practices like that really wind me up the wrong way.

I love Ocado!

As with anything it’s mainly convenience. I can just add items to the basket anytime I want and get it delivered at a convenient time. Very rarely any substitutes from them and I like that they take your bags back and recycle them.

People say they’re expensive but they seem to have better quality products and they do their own brand and price match things I think.


Ocado is the best thing about England! I miss it more than Dominos and that’s saying something!

Right now I use Co Op’s delivery service. Because it’s a choice between them and Tesco and I can’t stand Tesco.

Can’t get everything delivered though, because Co Op’s website is a bit pants and is missing a lot of the stuff they sell. They let you pay with Apple Pay though, which I love.

Not sure if this is everywhere, but you can also order Co Op via email. It entails sending a shopping list to your local store’s email and they’ll deliver it within 24 hours. You don’t get a time slot here, and it could come the same day you order it, or the day after. Depends on your luck. But I use this a lot in order to buy the things missing from the website.

Daily visits to the store by our designated household shopper are still necessary though, because I love the Three Cheese Bloomer, and those are baked fresh daily to be used that same day.

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How do the Coop effect their delivery? I have a friend who runs several convenience stores and he employs local taxi drivers to drop off deliveries.

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Co op already have their own fleet of delivery vans. You’ve had the ability to get your shopping delivered at checkout in store if you spend over £25.

Their new online service just builds on top of that I believe, so the same fleet.

They also use Deliveroo, but that’s not available here.

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Apart from a vegetable box from the local farm, no

Colleagues who have home delivery have WAY too many substitutions and spend a significant amount of time chasing refunds for goods either not provided, or substituted by something much cheaper. Tesco appear to be particularly bad for this, and there have been rumours locally of delivery staff pilfering higher end goods.

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As long as you hamd the substitutions back at the door Sainsbury’s have always refunded me within one day

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Only this morning it occurred to me we needed some groceries and, crucially, I couldn’t be ar*ed to go get them.

So, with the aid of Amazon Prime and their deal with Morrisons, I ordered my stuff at 11am and the chap delivered them at 12.30pm.

T’was rude not to.


I have only ordered from Morrisons via Amazon once; literally over half of my items didn’t come. And they only acknowledged one wasn’t fulfilled to begin with.

I had to work out exactly what was missing and I’m pretty sure they cut me short on a refund of an item or two


Yes, all the time, but then I don’t have a car and the local shop is often missing what I need. I tend to use Tesco and turn off substitutions for the things I don’t want substituted. Works quite well.


Ok, so when this thread was first posted back in Oct 21, I might have neglected to say that I actually am a Customer Delivery driver for one of the ‘Big Five’. I won’t divulge which one, to save any blushes on my part :laughing: Another well known non shop front home delivery company is not in our delivery zone, so they’re not an option anyway and going back to what was said earlier about the Coop, well to date, I’ve still never seen a Coop home shopping delivery van, well not a recognisable marked up one anyway in a similar guise to other well known supermarkets.

But anyway, I do get our shopping delivered, but not necessarily by the supermarket I work for and of course, I’d never deliver to my own home address. Indeed if I happened to be working on the route on which I live and I saw a delivery to my own house, I’d tell my manager and I’d be shifted to another route. Effectively, it’s down to time slots and when we can fit one in which means if the supermarket I work for doesn’t have a time slot on a particular day that suits us, we shop elsewhere which we frequently do because we have to fit in the shopping with our lives. Not only that, because we do shop from across the ‘Big Five’, they often tempt customers in with coupons offering £10 off a shop on a £50 or £60 spend. It’s amazing what they’ll offer you via email if you haven’t shopped with them for a few weeks.

So, as a driver, it’s an easy enough and quite rewarding job. Sadly, it’s the customers that can make life difficult. 99.9 percent of the time, they are fine, pleasant, polite and are quick to unload their shopping from the delivery crates, but as always in life, you get some absolute *@#!s who completely forget that the driver is just delivering what’s in their basket, we don’t pick their items!

IF ONLY! The amount of substitutions that get returned because folks aren’t happy with what’s been substitued, is often plenty. Unfortunately, quite often, it’s the customer that isn’t actually helping themselves. They do have the option to tick that box by every product that says they’ll either accept a substitute or they won’t. It isn’t difficult, but when you politely inform them they do have the option of ticking that box, it’s like you’ve just slapped them in the face and treated them like they’re a bit thick :man_facepalming: There seems to still be this assumption that ‘The customer is always right’ which of course is often absolute crap :laughing: Or the usual excuse, ‘I haven’t got the time to be mucking about checking boxes!’. Well of course my thought on that is, if you get stuff you don’t want, you’ve little right to moan about the fact you can’t be bothered to help yourself by taking time over your order. Just don’t take it out on the driver, it’s not their fault.

Unless diesel becomes so expensive that the price of shopping or delivery passes has to rise significantly to cover the delivery costs, home delivery will be with us for the forseeable. There will come a point though, when there will have to be a switch to electric only vehicles, but unless they can provide a vehicle that will last for a multiple stop/start journey of 200 miles a day, because depending on what part of the world you live in and how rural it is, that’s what most of the vans cover, around 200 miles per day over two shifts, then we’ll be stuck with diesel for some time to come. With all electric vehicles as things stand, there just wouldn’t be enough time to charge vehicles between shifts to ensure they had enough juice to last the entire day. The vehicles are running from 0700 to 10pm 7 days a week with just a couple of hours break between shift changeovers. Believe me, they cover a lot of miles!


I’ve been in Mental Healthcare delivery and management since for ever. I took the NHS pension when I could but stayed in.

If there’s one job that would trigger my exodus now……. It’s that delivery job of yours. :blush:

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Have to say that I only untick the substitute box if I really don’t want any substitute.

I leave the others ticked but do occasionally have to hand back substitutes. E.g. a bag of purple party balloons instead of rubber gloves, and toothpaste instead of deodorant :joy:

I never blame the driver, though, because I know how it works behind the scenes! I also unpack as quickly as I can because, at least in my area, the drivers are allocated 7 minutes per customer.

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If you can hotswap the front end, it is possible, but the designs aren’t there yet. Maybe alternative fuels will get a boost from insane diesel prices first

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I assume that delivery vans will mostly end up running on green hydrogen, so they can run for much longer without the downtime of a charge. Unless there are massive steps forward in battery technology.

As for whether or not we use deliveries, we do.

We used to shop in store all the time and only very rarely get deliveries (like at Christmas), but since Covid we have almost stopped going in to shops completely. This is because we have very vulnerable family members that we regularly come into contact with so we try to ensure that the risk of them being exposed to Covid is as low as possible.

We are fortunate to live within a 10 miles radius of almost every supermarket (except M&S) so we have a good choice of delivery providers - especially since we are in Ocado’s catchment too, so can actually get M&S food that way! Generally, we always use Waitrose delivery as they were free for most of the pandemic and have only recently introduced a modest £3 charge which is less than most competitors anyway. We have also used Ocado on occasion, for variety and to get specific M&S food, or when they have a well-priced cheap delivery slot and we are flexible on time. There is a Morrisons nearby and we do have Amazon Prime, but we are yet to try out Amazon Fresh. When visiting a family member in the far north of England, delivery providers were much more limited (no Ocado or Waitrose) so we used Sainsbury’s and found them very good overall but slightly less good than Waitrose.

On balance, substitutes have pretty much always been sensible and we haven’t had any major issues, although sometimes the time they do the picking for your order is obviously not optimal as you can order 3x 4 pints of milk and only end up with 1 and a few smaller bottles, because they didn’t have them on the shelves during the picking. We’ve found afternoon delivery slots are generally better than early morning ones, in terms of chance of what you’ve ordered being in stock.

We have also never shouted at delivery drivers, as others have said it’s clearly not personally their fault when the order isn’t perfect. It usually isn’t the picker’s fault either! I can barely believe how rude some people are, that’s just a massive shame.