Energy monitoring app

On the back to the Energy prices thread, I’m looking at ways to make life a bit easier etc. Our smart monitor thingy doesn’t come with an app, so I’m looking at options.

One that keeps popping up is Loop, but I’m not too sure. Some comments suggest they ask for card details for verification.

Does any one have any experience of Loop, or any alternatives?

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Just started with it this week. It’s excellent.

No card involved, though. Just a link into your smart meters.


I don’t have a smart meter yet, but what about Hugo Energy?

Seems to have higher App Store rating than Loop Energy.

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Thanks for the heads-up.

I’ve just installed Hugo alongside Loop. It’s busier and extends beyond energy usage monitoring. It gets into CO2 off-setting and other stuff.

I’ll keep both but likely focus on Loop.

There is also an app called Bright provided free of charge by Hildebrand Technology

I’m sure someone mentioned them the other day.

I’ve had a look at Hugo, and fair play, it’s pretty smooth so far. I entered my address and it picked up my supplier and serial numbers for both gas and electric.

But, like Loop, it then asked for card details for verification, or details from the in home display

Will report back shortly :eyes:

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Set up all OK. Just waiting for data :crossed_fingers:


I played with Bright and Loop when we got out smart meter installed earlier this year. Saw those same reviews claiming Loop was a scam as it asked for credit card details, but it’s pretty clear to me that it is necessary to verify my address, as otherwise anyone could snoop on your energy usage!

Hadn’t come across Hugo though, and it looks much more polished than the other two. Just signed up, and decided to try the “Sign up using your IHD” option. It worked well, didn’t need to enter credit card details, just had to enter/scan the number/barcode from the bottom of my IHD and enter the date I moved in.

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Also worth pointing out that they offer an alternative verification method requiring references from your display unit. Definitely not a scam. :relieved:

I use Samsung smartthings. It’s not real time but useful for a quick glance t my usage over time.

None of these apps are real time unless you have extra hardware on your smart meter HAN that they can communicate with (e.g. Hildebrand for Bright).

They retrieve the data that’s available via the DCC.


I think anything to see a bit more details is helpful, especially with the way prices are going.

Hugo seems useful, but lacks my electric use for some reason. Hoping it’ll just update later today :crossed_fingers:

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A Smart network outage this morning it seems. Of the three monitoring apps I’ve got, only Hugo informed me (and did so 6 times :grinning:).


Yup, still out. Cannot sign up for either Hugo or Loop. Have Bright already. R-

Still out. Loop has found MPAN but cannot connect. Hugo cannot find MPAN. R-

Well for now, as long as my meters can see my display, that’ll have to do. :blush:


Ditto. R-

Loop and Hugo have arrived at the party. Now awaiting data population. Quite a palaver. R-

Ha! For yesterday Hugo=£1.51; Loop=£1.58;IHD=£1.57. Bright has deregistered me, so starting again with that one. With the exception of Hugo who helpfully point out where the VAT is shown not sure about the others. We only have electrickery. No gas.

That’s the trouble with being retired too much time on my hands!