First Direct: Dormant, despite being used 🤔

I have just checked my monthly Experian Credit Report, and was amazed to discover that my First Direct 1st account has been recorded as Dormant, despite their being at least one monthly transaction on the account, exc Jan 2022, going back five years!!

Doesn’t concern me, tbf, just never seen the Dormant marker before :person_shrugging:

The account is just a feeder to Regular Saver, so normally one deposit, one transfer or FP, per month.

It is now feeding it’s own RS, so the status may change next month, although activity is the same.

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First Direct will have made that entry, so perhaps ask them why?

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Thought about it for a nanosecond.

Tried to find out via Secure Message, this morning, however, once I got past their bit, the Customer Service Advisor just told me to ring their Banking Team.

Cba with that tbh.


I’ve asked them one or two things using that feature before and got the same response.

A bit pathetic really!

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