Forum post minimum length

You need to up the limit of likes :joy:

I’m running out again :frowning: And there is so much quality content for me to like


I would vote for that one.

Some posts just need a few words. Not an article!


I’d hardly call 15 characters “an article” @Breezy :wink:

It was set to 25/30, what ever the default was, but I lowered it.


Personally I don’t like limits like that. I don’t view the like button as a thanks button and at times like to be succinct. Particularly if someone asks a question that needs just a single word answer, or an emoji.

I keep a special character to hand to bypass the server side validation on most places for this reason.

Maybe consider lifting those limits at higher trust levels given the intention, I imagine, is to protect against spam?


Yep, it’s a spam thing enforced by Discourse.

Would more reactions help (rather than just a heart), or would it be too Facebook-like? :face_with_monocle:

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More reactions might be worth a try! I don’t like Facebook, but I use them a lot on iMessage to close off a conversation without having to reply.


Of course they can be lowered. But just because Monzo has, doesn’t mean we have to. We’re two different forums after all


I’m curious on the situation here though. What part of “OK” couldn’t be done with a like or reaction of some sort?

Happy to hear feedback, but naturally I don’t want the forum to be filled up with spam or pointless posts either


I view the heart as a like or agree. Thumbs up to me is more of an acknowledgement. I’ve used to for thanks, or you’re welcome, or to just say I’ve read your message but have nothing further to add. Which is weird because I use thumbs down as I don’t agree/don’t like.

I think a reaction would be better than replies in most cases for things like, I agree, or I like this, or I disagree with this, or you’re welcome.

Thank you I like to actually write the words though. I think it matters when people say thank you. It shows appreciation and lifts spirits up. It’s more impactful than a reaction IMO.

One worded answers are a trickier one. They’re often necessary, but they don’t usually move the conversation forward either, and I don’t feel like reactions cover them either.

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I have run out again!

Yet @Seb is the only user with the badge you get for using all your daily likes :frowning:

I want the badge.


There’s a badge…

I need one too

Edit…. :notes:I’m all out love, I’m so lost with you :notes:


I may be missing the point here, but if it’s annoying to not be able to comment unless it consists of at least 15 characters, then maybe the solution is to pause long enough to find something that stacks up as a considered comment.

Maybe that’ll result in fewer knee-jerk responses and will enhance the dialogue.


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My inner and outer geek was sad that I couldn’t like your post but loved that fact I only have to wait 47 minutes before I can

Sorry @N26throwaway I am going to get the badge before you :rofl:


Oh no you won’t!


I agree. It could be a generational thing but I am not keen on using reactions/emoji either.

To me, the minimum character limit is an irritating pain that just stops legitimate short responses


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I’m probably a bit too overzealous with my likes, but never mind!


Updated the forum last night, added in the reactions

Just press and hold the heart icon to see these.

May not be to everyone’s taste, so we’ll trial it. If it doesn’t work, we can remove it. But would be good to have some feedback (good and bad)

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I like this a lot, I wouldn’t want things to get out of control but to actually be able to express displeasure without having to call somebody out would be great. Maybe a thumbs down reaction :thinking: