General thread about Monzo :)

The salary still goes into Monzo merely to get it early. My bills are fare less than my spending money so I don’t see that as a concern

Edit: Some people may think that i have lost the plot but i just really think Monzo isnt the same as what it was when i joined back in 2018. That plus the paywalling of open banking and other features whilst its challengers like Starling have stayed free. I just feel like the novelty has worn off. Who knows what will happen in the future. I have about 4 or 5 months left before i can reapply for starling however at the same time as when i can open a Starling account againit is expected that Chase Bank will launch and im thinking that might be the direction i try first. Will have to wait and see what they have to offer.


Just as a comparison, and I may be wrong and sorry if I am, Starling don’t have Open Banking nor do they offer any of the features offered by Plus/Premium? And I really wouldn’t be surprised if a paid tier Starling account was just around the corner.

They 1 up Monzo with Cheque Imaging & PO Cash deposits, but you can’t make a fair comparison if they’re not offering anything like the same thing? Besides, I would understand the justification of people being pissed that Monzo paywall open banking connections if they just did it the same as other banks, but they haven’t, there’s a lot more to it and a lot more still to come(hopefully), although I do think they should have held off the release or paywalling it until the feature set related to it was complete. Plus launched with a lot of potentially fantastic features that were half baked that are still being worked on.

Above all of that and as a side note, I can’t see me leaving Monzo unless someone else pulls their finger out and builds an equivalent of Bills Pots. Same as I couldn’t switch to a traditional bank that don’t have pots/spaces full stop


I wholey respect your response & your input @anon55596034 :slight_smile:

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No, we’re derailed, nobody is allowed to say a good thing about Monzo over here unfortunately, It might as well be against the rules.

Revolut already do this & for cpas as well as Direct Debit (for free)

Yh, they’re the only other company that do though aren’t they? Unfortunately there’s FSCS protection and I find their app unbearable to use, it’ so cluttered but thanks for countering my post, I hoped people I would because if I missed something with another bank, i’d love to know :slight_smile:

Edit, I can’t spell today, sorry

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Yeah, it’s moreso that it isn’t a sole USP of Monzo’s & I wouldn’t want people to discard Rev thinking you couldn’t do similar (well more in this regard with the CPA which Monzo seem to be making a meal of IMO). I’d love it if RBS cracked it but CPA wise especially I can’t see anyone else getting there soon.

It’s not for everyone. The FSCS protection will come but in the meantime they do need quell a few concerns. That being said I genuinely prefer it, but I can see why other people don’t!

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Totally agree, I seem to remember them at one point claiming it’s impossible, clearly not.

I’d be a lot more tempted if they just stopped clogging up the home screen every time I open the app. I’ve hidden wha you can now but you can’t hide enough, and what i can’t hide I dismiss but then it comes back again when you close and reopen the app. I only like to see what I need to see, I have a lot of pots with Monzo but almost all of them are hidden all the time.

I saw that Virgin Money has a pots like feature, I’ll wait and see if tey do anything similar I think

Shifted this over into it’s own thread.

Not sure where you got that idea from? If it’s fintech and within the rules, then go for it.

Just to clarify - “don’t say nice things about Monzo” isn’t against the rules :wink:


It’s just the ethos on which the forum was built and runs.

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I don’t really get why it needed a new thread. If one person think a threads derailed(when it wasn’t) then we get a new thread, seems silly you can’t talk about bank accounts in a thread called bank accounts, it’s not just about Monzo

Can you elaborate? If you look back at some previous threads, you’ll see a number of times when it’s been stated by moderators that this forum isn’t inherently anti-Monzo or anti-… here’s a couple of quotes from the topic “Other Fintech Forum Moderation”:


It’s not the moderators

For the most part I don’t think the moderation has been too bad on here, until now. Now we’re just splitting for the sake of splitting

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I have no issue with the mods (maybe a little over-zealous splitting/moving things, but that’s because there’s so many and trying to prove you’re needed) but if you don’t see what I’m talking about, it’s because you don’t want to.


What a bizarre comment :thinking: Why would you think that?

I was replying to @anon46977588, but it appeared beneath your post. Apologies for any confusion.


Some examples may help frame your argument better. Folk certainly disagree with some positive opinions on Monzo, but I don’t think I’ve seen anyone discourage those opinions. A good number of us use Monzo as our primary account and enjoy it, and we’re among the more active members too.

The balance as I’ve seen it, seems neutral to me. I’ve shared both good and and not so good opinions I have on them here and my input felt welcomed, even where folk disagreed.


This place is definitely suffering from over-moderation.

Not in a removing posts, shutting things down or anything like that. But split this, merge this, move this, move that. It’s way way OTT.

If this forum was super busy then maybe it’s needed, but 3 posts talking about something that ever so slightly deviates from the post title doesn’t require a new thread.

It happens on every single new forum I’ve ever seen. People want to prove they are helping and they have new buttons they want to use. Less is definitely more.


I know full well your reply was to @anon46977588, but as we seem to be on a similar if not the same page, I shared my opinion. You initial post was strictly in defence of you and the other mods, when other than the occasional obligatory “Let’s not just bash Monzo” you’ve all done nothing.

And yet, still nobody has explained why his thread was needlessly split, i don’t get it, and now if a new user was to look at this thread, it doesn’t really make sense. This has happened a few times. It’s pointless.

And I stand with @anon46977588

Anyway I’m out, this is a pointless exercise, great chatting

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No, my initial post asked for clarification of why people think the forum is inherently anti-Monzo. There may well be users that don’t like Monzo, and they’re allowed to voice that opinion. Equally, people are free to heap praise on Monzo. I was replying to a comment that suggested the forum was built on the principle that people aren’t allowed to say nice things about Monzo, which is untrue.

Disagree but that’s fine, if multiple people voice the same or similar issue than maybe instead of instantly dismissing it, you should look into it. Your word is not gospel because you’re a mod.

Not a single mod has tried to clarify any issues raised here, not just by me. Instead they’re ignored or dismissed.

Feel free to delete my account, I’ve asked @Mathew you to do it, but if any other @moderators see this first and you have the privilege, please do so.