General thread about Monzo :)

Not sure what’s concerning here, standard text message spoofing and some data breaches.

The “could see when they were messaging Monzo help in app” is either a lucky guess or an exaggeration.

Open restaurant WiFi, there we go. Leaks like a colander.

Monzo should be end to end encrypted. Bad actors on public WiFi can’t thwart that.

My guess is this person was on Android, clicked something they should have, which allowed the hacker to install an app in the background and see their screen.

Side loading on iOS is gonna be amazing. Thanks EU. :slight_smile:

The notification spoofing can be done over public WiFi. That’ll prompt a click on the wrong thing. But that kind of access they would need just isn’t possible on iPhone yet.

I wouldn’t rule out a fraud ring inside the CS department as speculated on Reddit either. This stuff actually does happen from time to time in big companies. There was a TalkTalk one a few years back. It’s more common when you outsource support.

They say iPhone

being able to write my own apps will outweigh any idiot tax people pay for installing dodgy software imo

You can already do that without side loading. Dead simple, if you’re building your own app. More so than going through the trouble of side-loading it.

How do you think developers build and test their own apps?

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Dev loading means you have to sign and refresh weekly. Sideloading means I can download it and only move over when I. Need to change builds

Furthermore, I believe there are already applications for what I want to use so I may not need to build it to begin w

New email this morning :eyes:



It may say that, however, the offers this morning are rubbish imo

Yep, just a renewal of last month’s which were of no use to me, plus a couple of new ones which are no use to me.

I was lingering in the Monzo Community this morning as they have just announced that you can edit the activity feed on your home screen to filter out pot transactions. The new feature announcement is here if you want to check it out: App Evolution (new look Monzo app): Feedback Megathread 📣 - #2772 by DaleBuckley - Making Monzo - Monzo Community

This thread stood out to me when I was reading through it. A user called Carlo was attacking another user saying they were “being a bitch”. Madness :sweat_smile:

Do you reckon Monzo actually monitor that site and actually moderate it?

I believe they do but I understand Richard Cook(?) stepped back somewhat back when it hit the fan. Some forum moderators still visible.

Yes, Alan is around. Not all the time though.

This is where trust level 3 members are supposed to do their bit and flag this stuff.

I’ve been sick so haven’t been active on any of the forums much since Saturday. Not had the energy. But I’ve flagged that post now I’ve seen it.

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I don’t know who the moderators are. It just seems like a very unfriendly place but without getting to off topic. They have added new Home Screen customisation options which was what I logged in to share.

I hope starling make Home Screen improvements. The pie is getting old.

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I find the Monzo forum one of the most friendly places on the internet, tbh. Occasionally somebody kicks off but level 3 users can flag such misdemeanours for the mods to take action. I didn’t see Carl’s post before it was flagged otherwise I might have considered doing so myself.

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I won a plushie so I’m biased now, but yes, I generally agree with this.

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I think what I meant to say was sometimes it can be a bit rough around the edges. I might make an account on there one day so I can get access to flag things :joy:.

Looks like Monzo are quietly rolling out proper IBANs and check imaging (paltry £500 limit per check though).

Post office deposits shouldn’t be too far behind. :crossed_fingers:

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Is that a hope or something they’ve actually announced?

Monzo now has 9 million U.K. customers.

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