General thread about Monzo :)

I wonder how their % of actively used accounts (defined by any transaction activity in a 3 month period) looks compared to established/proper banks.

I saw a TV advert for their investments thing last week. Haven’t seen one before, but then don’t subject myself to many TV adverts these days so may not be as recent a thing as I first thought?

Its such a shame that they have outsourced customer service and a queue system with thier chat that leaves you in the labrynth of nowhere when you really need help. Never seen anything quite like it. I am so made up that Starling Bank have stuck to whats right, same with Chase UK tbh

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…so far!

So… far. But thats for another thread :laughing:

Do we know for certain that it’s outsourced or is that following on from the speculation surrounding that Cleo email?

Outsourcing seems like the most logical explanation to me as to how something like that happens, but it’s not conclusive.

As for Starling, I’d say it depends who you ask and which forums you visit. The stuff I’ve seen on the fintech discords seems to be just as bad, if not worse than Monzo’s customer support processes, with a general unwillingness to help. I wouldn’t bank on either of them to have my back. Chase still seem relatively solid in that department though.


Selective quoting :roll_eyes:

Selective quoting or not, it was unnecessary to use the term “proper”. Or “established”, for that matter.

IMO banks should have stricter regulations around CS.

The reality is it needs to be 24/7/365 and should have mandatory KPIs

Needing help when I’m in Jakarta or needing help when I’m in Britain, either way I shouldn’t have a long wait or a “call back later”.

Let’s not pretend Britons are all in Britain all at the same time and not a single person is abroad and then base CS opening hours around that

I detect that I’ve triggered you in some manner. I’ve just gone to edit my post to change it but honestly couldn’t think of a better way of separating them from banks who offer stuff like mortgages, chequebooks, the ability to pay in cash without a fee, have a chat with a human vocally etc etc.

Perhaps you could suggest something you’d find less offensive.

In case you’ve interpreted this as some kind of statement of hostility, I assure you it wasn’t.

I use Monzo, btw, kept my Monzo account even though I’ve dropped Starling. I’m a fan of some features. Got a load of cashback on eBay when buying stuff for our wedding in December. I also use Tesco Bank’s services and have benefitted from them to the tune of several holidays over the last decade; again, not a proper bank (for slightly different reasons). Even Amex you could argue is not a proper bank (tho it is established, so wouldn’t count here).

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I remember it well……:roll_eyes:

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The batch thing doesn’t happen here, however, as there’s not sufficient onboarding requests as to cause a backlog👍🏼.


Thank you. I posted about 5 things, including just a ‘hello’ in the welcome thread, but they were all deleted. None were in violation.

I have now had one submission approved.


Out of interest, was your post in the card design thread your first one?

That might explain why the others disappeared, if so. Might be worth messaging Alan to see if he might be able to recover them.

I think now one has gone through though, you should be ok going forward.


It was, a fairly a detailed response about the Post Office/Horizon integration.

Annoying but happy to put it aside. I appreciate that keeping things spam free inevitably leads to some “friendly fire”.


Still £1 per go, unless you pay £5 per month instead. :man_facepalming:

Rip off. At least with PayPoint they were offering something no other bank did which very slightly justified the fee. Embarrassing to offer the same thing all the big banks & Starling already do but then add a charge.


They’re now on the same sort of page as Monese when it comes to cash deposits.

Revoluts new option via pay safe cash appears cheaper.