Google I/O

For anyone interested lots of new developments with Android and Android 12. Just some of the things that stood out to me.

  • Complete redesign of UI
  • Separate secure folder for photos that you want to keep private
  • New privacy dashboard
  • Increased privacy controls
  • Indicator to show when app is using camera or microphone
  • Can completely disable microphone and camera for all apps via quick settings
  • More improvements to password manager
  • Since 2017 Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy have received highest security rating from Gartner
  • “Simply put the most secure devices run on android”

I would get the beta but don’t want to risk apps not working.


Google seemingly taking a progressive interest in privacy is very interesting to me. I hope we see more to come from them in that aspect.

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Beta 1 (12) works fine. I installed it as soon as available. I generally avoid the Developer Previews after getting burnt several years ago with Google Pay, but the last couple of years have seen surprisingly stable DP’s.

Beta is fine to install. It looks great and all (my) apps work without issue - including banking and payment apps.

It’s even made my Pixel 5 snappier too.

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I did go through the new privacy options they have available at the moment and I’ve set things like my search history to automatically delete after 18 months :+1:

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I’m only really concerned about the starling app but I have no idea if that works :thinking:

Monzo, Revolut, HSBC all work OK, as does Google Pay. I haven’t tested it myself, but I suspect Starling’s app will be OK too.

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is 18 months the minimum?

If so I’d like to see them offer more options here. I’ve personally grown fond of having my data purged from services every 30 days. That allows stuff to stick around just long enough in the event I need to find something, but not too long that it puts my privacy or security in jeopardy. Anything I need for longer I can save in a more permanent manner on an ad-hoc basis.

You can select 3, 18 and 36 months. 18 is just the default suggestion.

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There is also this - interesting in the light of various court cases…

I’m surprised they would allow this considering google and apple have argued this is less secure and doesn’t provide a good user experience.

You have always been able to manually install apps on Android via sideloading the .apk file, so a third party App Store is less of a stretch.

Apple have only ever allowed apps to be distributed through Testflight for testing, or loaded directly onto a test device via Xcode (a limited form of enterprise-managed sideloading is also available, via tools like Apple Configurator, but this is not the same thing as they quickly clamp down on any use which isn’t internal-only).

It looks like Google are trying to leverage the whole Epic Games saga to have a pop at Apple, while touting their newfound open approach to app stores as a benefit.

I have been known as something of a Google fanboy for a number of years. Although I’m still firmly an Android man, I’ve found myself using fewer Google services these days for privacy reasons. I no longer use Chrome, for example, and I’m in the middle of switching my main mail account away from Gmail. I’ll still use Google products and services, but it’s no longer my go-to default.

I think Google’s hand has been forced by (a) Apple’s changes with respect to privacy, and (b) the general public’s increased understanding of online privacy, ads, tracking, etc.


Forced or not, I’m glad to see them making changes either way. It’s refreshing in the face of Facebook’s stubbornness, and certainly leaves me open to the idea of either returning to some google services or continuing to use the services I currently do such as Google Search, and YouTube.

Apple’s ads have been especially clever at educating regular folk exactly what’s happening, by replicating what privacy violations would look like in the physical world. It’s a little hyperbolic, but very impactful, and if it’s transforming public opinion enough that Google are starting to make changes then I am so here for that.


“Chrome is the most secure browser in the world”

You’ve made a mistake :joy:

You can’t have it both ways. If you want complete privacy that’s fine but the services offered to you will be less useful.

Ditto here @Dan - where will you go for email and why did you select them? Just thinking about transferring gives me the shivers, so many institutions have my Gmail address. :disappointed: R-

More than happy them knowing my every waking minute on the internet, makes no difference to me :sweat_smile:


Here you go @anon62949695:

After doing a lot of research, I’ve settled on - a bit more info in the post above.

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I agree, my internet activity would be so boring to anyone taking the time to look at it. :grinning: R-

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