Hello neon

Just when you thought their cards couldn’t get any brighter :eyes:


The replies in that thread :woozy_face:

People threatening to downgrade their account because they cant get one.

People being advised to pay £50 for new cards!

It’s just a bank, and a bank card!!!


I recall offering that very same insight over there back in the day, when it was all about “coral”……:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Lead balloon, or what? :smirk::flushed:

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I’ll be keeping my blue holo Plus card. I don’t use the physical card, anyway.


I was waiting for the in app notification to get mine but not now have to pay £50 to get my metal card back one it expires

I use Google Pay, so card colour immaterial to me tbh

That goes for all my providers.


Pretty much that :point_up_2:t2: :blush:


they got me to sign up for an account again to get the card, so there’s that

Probably won’t be using Monzo much still, but won’t close my account this time either. I’m a sucker for fancy cards


I still like my Apple Pay graphics to look nice.


Tbh, as long as the card works and I can settle whatever transaction I am trying to, I don’t care if the card looks like Mr Blobby :rofl:

Screenshot 2022-06-15 at 16.45.35

Is that Disco Pink and Sunshine Yellow combined there? :smile:

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I’m not really sure what all the hullabaloo is about?

You can quite easily pick up a new wacky coloured card by opening another account (Ziglu for instance)

I’d rather that than have to replace my only card linked to an account.

I’m so used to having more than one card linked to the same source with Revolut that this all seems a bit old hat?

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I have asked to get a funky card. Like the colours just need or decide which one to go for.

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I feel like card colours are becoming less materially valuable in 2022. The abundance of contactless payments options that involve removal of the physical card (Apple Pay, Google Pay etc)

I wish banks were required to give you the option of digital only cards tbh

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Going fully digital would cause all manner of chaos in antiquated systems.

Natwest, for example, uses your card number to reset online banking login details, recover your customer number etc. Otherwise, you have to call or go into a branch

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Okay so why would it cause problems? You’d still have a card number…

Yes, if you’d saved it outside the app. Otherwise, you’d get into a loop where you need the card number to get into the app, but can’t get the card number until you’ve got back on

They could integrate something like Apple Login / Google Login

You’re talking about banks here, and NatWest Group of them all. Maybe in 2092


Natwest is the only bank account I can’t access. I go in branch with my passport + drivers license and they tell me “sorry, we can’t help you gain access to your account here. Please call the phoneline”

I call the phone and they say “Sorry, we can’t help you here. You’ll need to go into branch with passport + ID”

I have tried 3 different branches (in entirely different parts of the UK) and called multiple times and I still do not have access to a bank account I own :joy: I decided to give up, the £5 I left in there is not worth the hassle :frowning:

I’m surprised the branch is bouncing you in these circumstances. Manually providing access to an account is one of the primary things branches can do which are typically not possible with telephone/online/app banking.