Highest limit for depositing cheques in app

Which bank has the highest - neither of the two apps I have accommodate the amount I need to pay in!

Have a look at the list here, which I’ve tried to keep up to date:

Basically, any Lloyds Banking Group brand will accept deposits up to £5,000 via the app, but no other bank aside from Coutts will.

Any higher than that and post, Post Office or branch is your only option.


Wow! The limits I’m seeing are £1000 or £750 - that’s miles ahead!

Perhaps a Lloyds BG savings account is in order!

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Signed up to speed things up - internet banking code coming in the post :laughing:

High Street banks, can’t live with them, can’t live without them

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Glad I could help!

Just out of interest, which bank has a £750 limit? I’m thinking my list might be out of date!

Thanks a lot! What is odd is they say you can only withdraw to a Lloyds current account but I’ve withdrawn externally in the past and as does someone else I know who only has a Halifax saver.

It’s also not clear online that you can deposit cheques to a saver but I’ve seen it done!

Hopefully it’s first class post…

TSB (per day I think, could be £500 per cheque)

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What’s the max at post office?

There isn’t one.

The PO sticks your cheque (with pay-in slip if necessary) in a special envelope and sends it via internal secure mail to the bank.


I know that HSBC has a daily limit of £750 but only £500 per cheque.

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Ah right, yes.

I used the per cheque limits, obviously, when compiling my post previously so that explains the confusion.

That’s not to say that other restrictions/limits might not also apply, but to include then all in full detail would have made everything too complicated.

I’ve also personally seen it done it in the past, so it does seem to work!

For whatever reason, their terms don’t reflect the reality of their systems.

Exactly! And the same goes for paying out to external accounts (which I’ve seen) - would be just my luck if they’ve closed the “loop hole” now :joy:

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I doubt they have - but hey, the worst that could happen would be that you’d need to open a current account instead and even that would be easy once you’ve already got a profile with them.

It certainly beats trudging off to the bank, or even the Post Office, in my view!

Especially in my case, as my nearest Post Office is quite a walk away, and fiddly to park near if you go by car.

The only time I could go to a bank branch would be the weekend and even then it’d be a rush and I’d have to pay to park. Post offices are often awkward to park at I agree! I’d rather it get straight into the banks system as well. I will test a withdrawal from a normal deposit first. Let’s hope the savings account ploy works :slight_smile:

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It is second class and dispatch time may make it even take longer.

TSB, £750 daily limit.

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Damn - this will be a workaround in terms of physical effort but not speed!

Yes, that’s what the rules say, but the reality is a different matter, like you’ve found.

It still worked last month, because I did it.


Every bank except Kroo and Chase offers a snail mail option too (even Monzo).

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