HSBC Push Notifications

Is anybody still waiting for iOS push notifications to be enabled server-side on their HSBC accounts? I seem to have missed out on this, despite their CS telling me the iOS roll-out is complete (well, some of them - other CS reps tell me that they’ll get round to me ‘soon’).

I do wonder if it has anything to do with the number of accounts I have - 7 at the moment (current, 2 savings and 4 investment-related).

I don’t know about iOS but my android app started sending them yesterday.


It’s probably that you have investment accounts listed.

I believe that if you have Global View enabled (accounts held with HSBC in other countries or other currencies) you also don’t have the feature yet, as those accounts don’t support notifications.

The timeline posted on FintechTalk by an insider about a year ago seems to have gone completely out of the window, too.

First Direct still have no sign of notifications for anyone, as far as I’m aware, so they must be behind schedule.


My First Direct is now a lame duck :joy:

With HSBC notifications now enabled, I get two lots. HSBC and GooglePay :man_facepalming:

Rather two than none though.


Yup, that’s the trouble with Apple/Google Pay :slightly_smiling_face:

I always turn off Apple Pay notifications for a card if the app provides its own notifications…


Yes, I exchanged a few DMs with that insider. I missed the first tranche because I had an HSBC credit card, then missed the second tranche because I no longer had the credit card :slight_smile:

I then took out an ISA with HSBC’s Global Investment Centre and then, when I recently retired, took out an additional General Investment Account.

I’m now in the process of transferring both to IWeb, in specie, so will soon be able to close the GIC accounts.

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Ah, you may be in with a chance then!

Back when I first got the notifications, I only had a HSBC current account (the standard, not Advance, one) and a Flex Saver - from years ago, which had originally been a child’s saving account.

Since having had notifications enabled, I’ve opened a currency account in euros, which gives no notifications, and Global View has been switched on for my account as a result. Luckily I’ve kept the original notifications for my other accounts though!

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I have Global View due to having a HSBC account overseas and got notifications a few weeks ago on the UK Android app.

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I am on iOS, and I’m sure I read that somebody else with global view was told they couldn’t have it as there was a conflict or something?

I have discovered that global view is a bit odd, as several app functions don’t seem to integrate with it. Notifications is one, but another is Fast Balance, for example.

My personal experience isn’t relevant as I got global view after notifications were enabled, but I was under the impression that I may not have got notifications yet if I had been using global view all along. Perhaps that’s not true, and the rollout is simply random, or perhaps global view users were delayed and are only just now getting added to the rollout?

They may also be starting with Android global view first and then enabling iOS global view later.

Still waiting for notifications here - I have an Advanced Account, three normal savings and a credit card.

HSBC just give conflicting feedback when I query the matter hence I’m not holding my breath :slight_smile:


Still nothing…

Me neither.

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Update - er… still nothing to report.

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Same for me.

Honestly wondering whether the roll-out has been halted. Notifications are not mentioned anywhere on their website, nor in the App Store. Contacted Customer Services a couple of days ago and was told that they had no information about what was happening with notifications.

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They worked in my HSBC App on Huawei android phone today :grinning:

I’ve just been able to enable them on my Samsung too :slight_smile:


I had a look at the website this morning and it now mentions transaction notifications as a reason to download the mobile app. Also been told by customer services that I “should” have them now. I just don’t know what’s going on any more.

My app is definitely set up correctly because I receive a push notification when I set up a new payee in the app.


And yet another customer service rep tells me the roll out is still not complete - seems HSBC don’t know their ar*se from their elbow.

No notifications still here either although everything is set up on my phone correctly.

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Here’s a reply from an Admin on the Customer Studio forum:

Thank you for your comments. You’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve now enabled this feature for all our 4.5million active mobile customer users across iOS and Android. As new mobile app customers join, we will continue to roll this feature out on a monthly basis. The next phase is due to take place this week with another 100,000 customers, so watch this space! Please do note however, to enable the feature, you must have the Digital Secure Key enabled on the app and have an eligible account open, i.e current account/savings account or credit card.

I’ve had an eligible account since last year…

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