Is Starling accepted Everywhere?

I’m thinking of trying Starling.

Are the Starling cards and accounts accepted everywhere in the UK like Monzo?


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Starling uses MasterCard, so they should be accepted everywhere you see the MasterCard logo. I’ve never had any issues.

The only issue I was aware of, was Link ATMs, but not even sure that’s still an issue


Yes it’s a fully functional bank account

Plus you should already know this from the monzo forum, if this is actually you and not someone pretending.

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Nice to see you here


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I’ve been a Starling customer for 3 years and I’ve never had a single refusal for payment in the UK on the Starling debit card. I’ve also used it successfully in various countries throughout the world. The only ‘issue’ I’ve ever encountered, is the pay at pump problems so many have reported in the past so I don’t pay at the pump and go into the kiosk instead.

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Why are you looking to change from Monzo, Sammy?

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I don’t think he said he was changing from Monzo.

Always a good idea to take a look at what’s out there…