Jaja 2.0

Had this email from Jaja today. Still seems to be a waiting game though!

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clears throat Jaja Pioneers RIP - #22

Oops. My bad :man_facepalming:

Maybe worth merging those posts from there to here?


I had no idea they changed their CEO. Apparently happened Oct last year…


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Just had an email from them:

Mmmm, says your invite should be in the coming weeks. How long have some people been waiting in one form or anothe with JaJa? I’m sorry, I’d have sacked them off long ago.

I think I had the opportunity to sign up some time ago, but then I read that there were some specific requirements (min salary etc) which I felt was a bit “off” so didn’t bother in the end. It’s all a vague memory, but that sounds about right.

Now I need to decide if I give them a chance for Jaja 2.0 (that’s the subject line: Join us for Jaja 2.0)

I got the same, despite losing patience with the first queue and telling them to remove me from their list :man_shrugging:

Just realised my email was personalised. I’m clearly part of some exclusive Jaja club!

Mine says Hello wavy hand emoji lol

Had mine too.

JaJa was okay while I had it but found I didn’t really use it. I am more than happy with Tymit for now while I wait for the mythical Starling Credit Card.

My patience with JaJa has come and gone. I wish them well but will not be taking up their offer!


What’s most telling about the latest email is the lack of mention of any selling point. I could not say what is unique about Jaja.


I’ve just had that same email from them, I don’t recall signing up. It must have been eons ago for me to forget.

Not sure if I’d join up or not, I’ll have to check out the offering later.

I’ve enough cards to be honest.

They sent me an email too, despite actually rejecting me from being able to sign to Jaja to begin with (for investor sign up)

Little bit surprised I’m still on file, although I guess I didn’t opt out

Received my invite to join Jaja 2.0.

Sign-up was simple enough. App looks elegant. No Apple Pay (or if it’s there it’s not obvious). There doesn’t appear to be any FX charges though, so that’s good. And unique to me being a Visa credit card.

Will see what the card is actually like when it rocks up in a few days time.

I’ve ditched them after being told my “pioneer” account was being closed and I’d have to apply for Jaja v2.0. Why not just migrate existing customers? The communication I received didn’t make me feel particularly valued as a customer.


What’s even better is they rejected me from Jaja 1.0 (and removed me from testing the app) and then sent me an email asking me to sign to Jaja 2.0.

Never been interested in a place that rejects my applications. Job or otherwise.

The beta/pioneer version had instant transaction notifications and balance updates. Someone on the Monzo forum mentioned this has been removed in Jaja 2.0. Could you check whether or not this is true when you get the card?

I don’t see much point in the card anymore if this has indeed been removed.

It may be me, but JaJa seem to have gone much the same way as N26 and Tandem. Full of promise then lost the plot or lost their way.

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