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Just heard of these thanks to them winning Best Newcomer at the British Bank Awards, so had a brief look into them. product isn’t terribly interesting or anything that stands out, but it does appear to be one of the more professional looking outfits.

The branding is nice, the website is nice, the app looks nice, the card looks very nice.

Has anyone here ever used them and have any experiences to share? I may sign up for these ones and give them a try!

Also, we’re lacking a Kroo tag!

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Fixed :wink:

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Nearly a year on since @N26throwaway post and they have a full licence, with a current account now to follow.

Cannot see anything atm that differentiates it from the likes of Monzo, Starling, etc.

Perhaps their Open Banking connectivity will be fee-free, however, I find that unlikely as they’ll need to make revenue really.

Current customer base reported to be just 23,000. Source: PSE Consulting, and Finovate Twitter

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A new kid on the block :tada:.

I wonder how many rushed off to Kroo’s website and/or attempted to install their app…. ?

I know I did :blush:.

A bit previous, it turns out :joy:

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The android app is available

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Aha, so it is.

That card colour looks awfully familiar…

OK, so maybe they are a bit different on comparison,


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What about the joint account cards?

Awfully similar!

Rather pretty, don’t you think? :blush:

The full current account isn’t available for a while yet I believe

Could be a while, of course. They won’t want to go off half-cocked come launch-day.

I’m predicting:
Minimalist UI (N26 or Chase-ish)
Nothing huge incentive-wise.
No cheque-book :blush:

And good luck to them :grinning:

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Good luck to them but I don’t see anything yet which makes me want one.

If N26 is anything to go by, it won’t pay to get too excited about the new offering.

Mind you, to be granted a full banking license is no mean feat (I’m thinking) so there will surely be no shortage of intent. Time to refine their branding, perhaps….

The strategy may simply be to sell it

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And there was me getting all excited :grin:

Depends who buys it!

I’m pretty excited however this plays out. Been a while since a newly licensed player arrived on the scene. An opportunity for some waves here, even if it just makes them a target for acquisition. Revolut? N26? Google? Apple?

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So there it is !

Been a while since I signed up for something new…… other than Chase, of course. :relieved:

They must have sent that debit card out the same day :flushed:. App set up - looks a bit early Monzo/ Revolut. That’s ok.

So now it’s hunker down and wait for that current account. :blush:

Oh, and CS is admirable (a word I’m not sure I’ve ever used before……:thinking:).

I’m part of the Kroo crew. :sunglasses:
(See what I did there?)

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Did Kroo do a hard credit search as I see they advertise an overdraft rate. On a pre-paid card??? :thinking:

“Free to open, no monthly fees and overdraft of 20.1% representative APR (subject to status).”

You got the account and the card?!!

Their FAQs suggest they no longer opening accounts.