Luno (Free £10 of BitCoin)

I belong to a group called Bitcoin Pioneers. Our aim is to drive the adoption of Bitcoin across the UK.

You do not need to buy any Cryptocurrency to qualify for the Free £10 of Bitcoin but you must be Over 18, New to Luno, not used a referral code previously, have I.D to pass Verification checks and reside in the UK.

Luno is a digital currency exchange facility that offers clients a technology platform to buy, sell and store digital currencies as well as pay for products and services using a cryptocurrency wallet. It is used by over 6 million people in 40 countries including the UK.
Luno has an AA rating on CryptoCompare(Only six crypto exchanges hold an AA Rating.

Instructions to get Free £10 of Bitcoin

You need to set up a Bitcoin Wallet and Sign up to get your Free £10 of Bitcoin.

  1. Download the Luno App from Play Store or App Store or sign up through their website and sign up for an account.

  2. Verify your account using Photo I.D such as a Passport or a Driving Licence and you will be asked to take a SELFIE. This verification process is needed to ensure that Luno adhere to Anti-Money Laundering(AML) requirements.The whole sign up process including verification usually only takes a few mins but it can take up to 24 hours at times. You will be notified when you have passed verification.

  3. Once verified go to Rewards in the Luno App and select Enter a Code. Type in BPMSTROM10 and click on Apply Code and your Free £10 of Bitcoin will be credited immediately and will be reflected in your wallet. Use the same process if using the website Wallet | Luno

Once you have your Free £10 of Bitcoin you are free to do with it as you wish with it. I would suggest to store the Free £10 Bitcoin in a Savings Wallet where it can earn a targeted interest rate of 4% per year.

There are also opportunities to be invited to Free Bitcoin Webinars if you would like to know more about Bitcoin.

Would you like the opportunity to be considered to join Bitcoin Pioneers where you could be allocated with your own special Promo Code to be paid to give away Free £10 Bitcoin to individuals who meet the criteria for new customers to Luno. Ideally people need to be passionate, know a bit about Bitcoin and be interested in driving the adoption of Bitcoin across the UK. Message me if interested and we can discuss it and you can be put forward to have a zoom interview.

Don’t forget to get your Free £10 Bitcoin.

It is very simple to get your Free £10 Bitcoin.
Let me know if you need any help.
This does not require a referral link. Just entering the special Promo Code BPMSTROM10 once the Luno account has been verified will give you £10 Free Bitcoin.

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I am not spamming. I just put if anyone needs any help let me know as I am unable to edit original post to include that. Otherwise I am not posting on here apart from replying to you as you seem to have a problem with me by the tone of your replies. I have put a post on here which I checked with one of the moderators which is all legitimate and no scam and have been involved in other posts on here and even used someone’s referral link for an offer.

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