Metro Bank

It looks like Metro Bank are finally rolling out an upgrade to their online banking platform.

This is a screengrab from the online banking for a small community project that I run but I assume the personal banking is quite similar.

The interface is really stable and so much easier to navigate that the old site.

I am in the process of moving this account to a Lloyds treasurer account but nonetheless this is a welcome upgrade


Looks like quite a nice design to be fair to them - I wonder if they’ve designed this themselves or if it is part of an upgrade of their core banking system which I believe is off the shelf?

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That is a very slick and modern looking interface. I like it. Triodos are also undergoing an overhaul of their online banking, and that too has a really fresh and modern interface that mimics the app more. Not as nice as what we have here from metro though, and much of the functionality is still missing and requires you to revert back to the old interface.

If other banks start showing their web interfaces a lot of love, to me that becomes a quite compelling USP over the app only banks, and gives me an incentive to go back to one of them.

In general, we’ve had loads of threads on these fin tech forums comparing apps, but have we ever really had anything to compare online banking services? :thinking:
Would be an interesting discussion to have IMO. I absolutely adored N26’s online banking interface.


Your post actually prompted me to look once again at my Starling account web page as I thought the layout with the new Metro revision looked slightly similar.

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I suspect it’s a core upgrade

This an older PDF but unless they’ve ditched these guys, page 25 suggests they are still doing everything off the shelf

Reference to it here Metro Bank goes live on Sensibill after successful pilot - FinTech Futures too with their Sensibill announcement

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I can never bring myself to log into Starling, I find their login process much more cumbersome than other banks

Once you do get in it is a really nice interface, though - shame it’s so difficult to get to it.


And whilst in no way wishing to detract from your experience, I actually find it not too bad, certainly a darn sight easier and less cumbersome than logging into Nationwide for example, poncing around with a debit card and reader or faffing with passwords.


Me too.

I think it’s strength was that it closely replicated the app interface. Now that app is probably the primary interaction most customers have with their bank, it makes sense if the online banking can be relatively consistent with the appearance of the app.

That way, it’s like the app but on a bigger screen. It’s not great design to need to remember a totally different interaction model for online banking vs the app.


This is something I find highly weird about their system.

There is no logic to triggering 2FA if any of the preceeding steps are handled incorrectly

Equally when I have to approve a new payee it always asks me for the same 4 digits from card

Switched mine to Halifax for £100 plus £5pm



I like this interface but it has to be said. Where’s dark mode :thinking:

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Dark mode seems to be one of those ‘must haves’ that only appears to get implemented if enough customers comment about it either through app reviews or via customer services.

I’ve been wanting dark mode on my RBS app for ages, same with Starling, but neither are biting on that at the moment, though I reckon it won’t be long before RBS introduce it.


If a bad actor was trying to gain access to your Metro account online, and used the wrong password, by simply going ahead and texting out a 2FA code the system would achieve two things:

  1. The real account holder would be alerted when a random code comes through.

  2. The fraudster wouldn’t know the password was incorrect.


I agree - all the signs are there and NatWest have it already!

That file seems like a file that precedes unfortunate events, like Metro’s share price tumbling 95% :joy:

Personal accounts (or mine, at least) haven’t updated yet. The login screen has changed, but once completed I get dropped back straight into the old layout!


It’s not my default when I log in. There is a box asking if I want to try the new experience.

It may well be the case because I have access to 2 business accounts and private banking (long story for another thread)


Metro Bank shares plunge on fund raising reports

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I have an ongoing issue with these ones. They refused to pay a DD to my council saying I cancelled the instruction. The instruction was still visible in the app and when I called them they said it is active. Raising a complaint has been another hell.
Switch to Lloyds already initiated.

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