Moderators - Growing the team

Hi everyone!

Thank you for your support over the past 2 weeks and for helping this site grow! It’s fantastic to see some of the conversations going on, including the friendly debates too.

Naturally, as the forum becomes busier, we’ll look to add more moderators to help keep things ticking over.

It’s a voluntary position and would require a bit of experience in moderating a forum (preferably Discourse) previously. But if you would like to be considered, drop a comment below along with some details of any experience you have.

The final decision will be ours based on what we’ve seen on the forum already (contribution, posts, engagement, to name a few), as well as your experience.


Good news and a good move. I moderate on two [non Discourse] forums already so happy to let others have a go. R-

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I’m going to throw some new names out there that I’ve not seen folk mention yet in regards to moderating here. No idea if these guys would even want the gig or what experience they have.

But I think @Lonford and @Ordog (assuming he’s the same Ordog from Monzo) would be fantastic picks. Lonford is a level-headed, always respectful, and well respected member of the communities I’ve seen him engage in. Ordog is undeniably the most attentive and helpful member of the Monzo community, respected, I think, by all of us there.


I’m honestly absolutely flattered @N26throwaway, you’re too kind :blush: …but I wouldn’t do that job if you paid me! It seems relentless and, from what I’ve heard from Chris (no longer here) and of course what happened to Liam on FTT, potentially puts you in the line of some rather horrid abuse. I applaud and thank those who dedicate their time to creating and managing this space for us all to enjoy!


Ahhh thanks mate, that’s really kind! I’m actually stunned for words for once :laughing: I can assure you I’m real though - I pinky promise! Let me see if we have any DMs on the Monzo community and I’ll pm you a screenshot.

I’ve got to throw @N26throwaway in the mix as well, they’re super active, always level headed and have have a wealth of knowledge that I know will all serve the community well.

Overall there is a good mix of people here and I personally wouldn’t object to any of them. It’s going to be a tough call!

Edit: I couldn’t find a single DM from you. That has ruined my plan and now I’m starting to question myself if I’m real :grimacing:


I think @Mathew has done a great job here but the debates around Monzo and in turn their passionate supporters aren’t going anywhere (even if they do re-open next week) so I thank you @Danny @NickCagey but it’s a no from me.

I’ve always maintained the people who want to be in politics are the ones who should most likely be excluded. Sure there are those that genuinely do it to make a difference but that’s unlikely to be the case here. Just look at what happened with Chris Beach.

I would also add that I already feel the moderation is already a bit too heavy handed here.

If it’s a question of resource I would honestly recommend that Mathew approach people privately based on their contributions and ask them to join like he did with @Dan and @Graham

Good luck anyway


That’s a joke, right? He’s been called Rudedog for a reason :joy:

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Do we need more?


I recommend inviting Feathers. He’s well known and widely respected as a mod, and obviously he’s had loads of experience!

I’ve seen a completely different side of @Ordog here (hence why I questioned if he’s the real Ordog). Based on his contributions thus far I think he and @N26throwaway would make great moderators

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I would second this. @N26throwaway would make a great mod, imo, for the reasons above, plus I’ve always found him very personable and respectful - which I think would contribute to a great moderation style.

Another name to throw into the mix is @Seb. Super super knowledgable, very level-headed, professional and courteous.

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I think @Recchan is another great suggestion. He always keeps a cool head and is full of brilliant ideas :+1:

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I second this! @Seb is an all round great contributor. Very knowledgeable indeed. I’ve learned so much from him over the years.

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Oh no really? I’m sorry to hear that :pensive: I don’t think I’m behaving any different here and if you have any suggestions on how to prove it’s me just let me know.

I was really active and have a huge post count over on the Monzo community. In fact I’m ranked #3 of all time for the number of likes my posts have received over the years. So in the grand scheme of things I would like to assume that I’m helpful and a good contributor but I guess there is always room for improvement :slight_smile: On a side note, it says a lot when I’m above all the moderators, coral crew and staff!

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I get the feeling that @nanos isn’t taking this seriously :woman_shrugging:

My big brain is very smooth and I promise to return the forum to monke

At the very least I’d be very consistent and following the rules B&W and real time, instead of several days later and only for certain users :slight_smile:

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I understand exactly where you are coming from @Lonford but Moderator groups usually support each other [off line *] if the forum is to be any good. I personally think this one is great and I look forward to the next moderator cohort taking it to newer and greater heights.

  • one forum I moderate on [phpbb] has a Moderator area which is invisible to non Mods. For the other one, which is bespoke software, we rely on private emails and Zoom.



I have to try and sieve through this thread when we’re all done and dusted. Please make my life a bit easier and keep it on topic :sweat_smile:

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