Monese £40 Referral

Join Monese and get £40 once you start spending! Just enter my invite code when you sign up: SUNIL022.

Download the app here:

You get £10 after your first card transaction and another £30 once you have spent £500 (including sending money internationally)

The “Simple Plan” has no fees and you can use it to pay off credit cards etc or via a Curve Card


I signed up and have received and activated my card. I’ll be honest, my plan was to do a bit of cheeky Starling Settle Up and transferring to quickly hit the £500 quota, but sadly both Settle Up and Monzo refuse the card (Starling give an error message about only accepting UK debit cards :thinking:). Revolut top up does work, but I feel very uneasy about putting £500 into a Revolut account knowing their reputation!


Just do it in a few go’s?

Move the first top up amount out each time

I’ve topped up £450 no prob before though

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Did you have to pay to receive your card?

This is what put me off them two years ago tbh

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I considered this, but I thought 10x £50 in and out might actually look even dodgier?

Yes I did - ordinarily that would’ve meant I’d have written off the account immediately but I’ll quickly recoup that ~£5 fee after the first set of cashback.

I’m a bit confused as to the type of card I’ve received. On the back it says Prepaid just above the magstipe, but it’s also got the Mastercard holographic ‘Debit’ mark like my other Mastercard (non-prepaid) debit cards. My HyperJar card, on the other hand, has the word Prepaid on the back and the holographic mark is the same minus the word Debit in the centre. So what exactly is this? Checking the BIN it seems to be a prepaid.

HyperJar for comparison:

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It’s definitely prepaid

Back of a Revolut card doesn’t say prepaid anywhere? :credit_card:

I’m not sure the referral would work for me because I did sign up a few years ago for TopCashback, which I received, but they got funny with me when I said I wouldn’t pay for a physical card to be sent to me, and I ended up closing the account.

No doubt my details will still be on record as was only 2018, I think.


Looking at my last email from Monese Closures email account:


As you requested, your Monese account ending in ****** xxxx ** is now closed.

Thank you for being part of our community. Perhaps we’ll see you again some time.

The Monese Team

P.S. If you ever change your mind and want to re-open your account, just give our support team a call on +44(0) 1706 304 001.

Suggests to me that if I try and re-apply, they will just re-open my initial account.

Just as Curve did recently to me when I tried to create a new account for a £10 referral bonus.

Oh well :man_shrugging:

I have enough accounts already.

It’s prepaid.

Any account which is prepaid must say so somewhere on the card (but sometimes it is in deliberately inscrutable tiny text), the absence of the text is what proves something isn’t prepaid.

I think the difference in the holograms is just a Mastercard thing where multiple types of design are acceptable and you can (as a card issuer) pick which style you like. Technically all prepaid cards are debit, so it’s not wrong.


So is prepaid essentially a tier of debit card, below standard, world and elite?

Not really, as processing rules for prepaid are different for lots of things, but in a way then yes.

I’ve genuinely scouted all 3 rev cards and can’t see it anywhere :eyes:

Some Revolut cards are now debit, I think?

On one of my old-ish ones it says prepaid in tiny all-caps text on the back of the card, at the very bottom left (under the Mastercard hologram).

My Visa Revolut card has it in the same place, under the bird hologram.

Both of my Rev cards state Prepaid, but both are (give or take a month) more than 2 years old


Don’t look at them as tiers that matter tbh, because they wholly don’t. They’re just names that are some processing rules and maybe some perks (for some world elite cards, yes, some)

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@gt94sss2 – Is the FAF still at £40?

BTW, are you able to create virtual cards?

Yes, it’s currently still at £40.

You can create a virtual card which you can lock anytime. To cancel it though, I think you need to contact support.

Thanks, I’ll be using your FAF code :wink:

I did try, but they only accept Passport or Residence permit card for verifying ID – I only have a Driving Licence. So that’s that then!


This is now £70 for me. Anyone else? Or are they offering different rewards to different people?

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It’s £70 for me too!