Monese Current Account

I’m not far off banking £300 in Revolut referrals & that is with sharing them with the person I referred!

Hit & miss for them. Some people I know use it for bits & bobs others deleted the app…

Large-ish EUR to GBP currency conversion (for free).

That’s about it…

I like to pull cash from Revolut to Monese as well, now via open banking, as Revolut runs off my aqua card, so it massages my cashflow nicely.

I’d actually use Monese for payments too if they hooked up with Emma.

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They also offer gift cards at a 20% discount from time to time.

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Anyone used Raisin via Monese - sometimes the leading rates are via Raisin & I was thinking it could be a quick “in”. Does it’s marketplace integration allow you access to all the rates Raisin offer?

Well I reopened the Monese account - Raisin integration is still waiting on…Raisin…

The Monese UI is a lot prettier than I remember and the dark mode is gorgeous - nudging Revolut’s I would say.

Not noticed any fees that might catch me out yet, I’ll be using it for an annual DD to get things going.

Refer a friend promotion looks pretty straight forward.

My main gripe is that there’s still no open banking API, so can’t connect to Emma. Otherwise, I’d use them a lot more…

They offer some form of aggregation themselves via the app - so is it the case that their API just isn’t included by other banks due to size?

Are you able to link Amex via Monese OB integration? It’s failing every time for me.

Never tried till now, but yes, fails for me too

How would one report this? By email?

Also - have you ever used Raisin integration?

I would do app chat. Though I wouldn’t hold out too much hope. They use tink, so it’s not in-house.

Raisin has never been of interest - better rates elsewhere. If you like the tiered rates, maybe look at zopa or even Hargreaves Lansdowne…

Is it me or is this a bit hard to find?
Only comes up under certain FAQ & if you raise a different issue seems to close the chat

Or am I missing something

Raisin had some market leaders last week but took a while to verify me and the rates have gone!

Yeah, they follow the Monzo strategy of hiding away.