Monzo Bus

So… has anyone in the London area spotted the Monzo bus? :eyes:

It apparently has it’s own Twitter account too - @MonzoBus

Source: Twitter




I’m actually lost for words.
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Can imagine now.

“Fares please!”

“Oh, sorry, we do not accept cash payment. Cards only!”


Buses already cashless in London (since 2014 I believe)

You have to get off after three stops, unless you’re a premium member… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes!! I spotted it (in service) near Bank on the afternoon of Monday 18th - I didn’t realise it was unique, otherwise I’d have taken a photo!

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I think it’s a nice looking bus! Very vibrant!

Only issue is it looks more like the Nintendo Switch Neon Red Joycon than it does most of the orange Monzo cards I’ve seen.

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Interestingly, saw this on Twitter this morning. Apparently taken in 2019

(Credit: Twitter)


Should have been teal!

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Come on then, let’s hear the Starling jokes…

Na, it’s promoting the business account.

With all this talk about climate change though, a green bus would look good :smiley:

“Electric bus, perhaps ? :thinking:

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“Best Monzo Bus photoshop gets shared on the Twitter account” they said on their forum.

And then deleted my effort.


What about cheques? :thinking:

It’s a work of art. :grin:

That’s some seriously thin skin! No sense of humour over there.

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Monzo are too soft on their community. They are deleting loads of stuff from that bus thread

LMFAO :rofl: Have a look what’s just been posted there :laughing:

That forum is so sensitive. Honestly im concerned about its future. Monzo political correctness