Monzo Plus/Premium

None of my other banks charge me for development of the app.

I’d suggest that the credit score functionality in the RBS app is now way better than Monzo, for which one has to pay, for example.


None of your other banks can do what Monzo can do on a paid tier, with respect to summarising and categorising connected accounts.

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Because they make their money from other avenues that Monzo don’t yet, especially anywhere near the same figures anyway? If somebody wants to charge you a bit of money to put lots of features from different apps into one app and sell my personal data in doing so, then go for it.

They’re core experience is still free and hasn’t changed, it still works, is still useful and still has features you can’t get elsewhere. The core experience itself does at least start to make money work for everyone.

What you seem to be saying is that Monzo can’t cant charge for anything then, and that’s just not viable nor fair. If it was standard implementation of open banking then I might agree a bit more but its not. And yes, whilst it would’ve been nice to have some of the future OB features and improvements at launch, when we do have them all, it’s completely worth paying for


I’m happy with paying for Monzo Premium - it has value for me. Not bothered about anyone else’s take on it.
I’d be even happier if paid-tiers were available with Monzo Joint accounts, among other features with JA’s


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Monzo doesn’t charge me for development of the app 🤦 that’s a user decision as to whether they decide to sign up to whatever tier they wish.

Open Banking providers like TrueLayer that make everything usable in an actual development environment + the developers are not free, though

That debate is how the thread was started, appears the first few posts weren’t split with the rest

@danny is sarcastically correct in that you can’t add connected accounts to the (free-tier) Monzo app, which is questionable when compared to other banks who do offer showing connected accounts for no extra charge.

But you get more than simply connecting external accounts with the Monzo paid-tiers, you can view a spending summary and categorise transactions within connected accounts just like the Monzo account(s) you have. There’s more value in this approach (to some people)

Now - if an all-seeing, parent, summary existed which took into account all the accounts (Monzo and OB connected), then that would be something.

Another nice-to-have would be the ability to manually add and manage accounts for things like house value, mortgage, investments, pensions, etc., which were included in the ‘Overview Summary’ so that overall wealth could be viewed. I could bin off YNAB if that happened.

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This will cover the development of the app to allow a spending summary and categorisation of OB account transactions, using the same categories as the Monzo account(s) - both the usual categories and any custom categories - which I’m not aware any other banking app can do yet?

I think that’s covered it.


They aren’t charging you for development. They are charging you for features.

Which other banks let you use an auto-export to Google sheets for all your transactions?


Careful there - don’t complain about being taken out of context and then do it yourself.

The factual context of the point, from my side was covered with:

The development aspect is covered in the second paragraph above - you get more.

And yet no one is forcing any user to use open banking on that platform. It’s a user decision, you can bang that drum as much as you like.


I don’t think so. Seems to me like he was critiquing your reply, not you. Originally, your reply took a quote out of context whilst also complaining about your own comment being taken out of context. There’s no ad hominem there, I don’t think.

The critique was phrased respectfully too IMO.

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