Moving DD from one account to another

Question for you all.

Why is it that when you move a direct debit from one account to another, sometimes it will disappear with the old bank but other times it stays there.

I have this with two direct debits that I recently moved. They remain on my old account. I don’t want to cause an issue by cancelling them, but they are set up with the new bank. Are the ones left active in tandem, or simply husks?

On the other hand I’m about to do a switch away for a boon (I’ve left a sufficient amount of DD’s and moved the rest) and I’d rather these dead DD’s not move across as duplicates. I wonder whether at CASS o’clock it would flag up that they were dead?

I’ll let you know at the end of this week. I’m in the throes of a switch via CASS. It will be interesting to see if long dead direct debits are transferred over to the new bank.

I’ve always assumed that it was simply because some companies don’t notify your bank when they change it.

It’s never caused an issue when I’ve cancelled the old ones myself.

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Dead as in set up with another bank or you aren’t with that merchant anymore?

I’ll appreciate the update. If they move I wonder whether that would oddly meet switch bonus deals - even though you’re paying the bill elsewhere! Wouldn’t have needed to set up a phoney dd if that was the case! (If you’re wondering why I didn’t just keep them its because the account is changing from joint to sole & some had to move accordingly)

That said, as and when they go out of the new bank I’ll probably cancel them out - as the other poster said I’m sure they’re suspended on the other end so it won’t matter a jot.

Perhaps the merchant is suspending it and as you say the bank is none the wiser.

They must get the dd cancellation and disregard it?

My apologies if I’ve missed it, but have you actually been double charged?

I ask because it’s my thinking that old DDs still showing in the old bank are there only because that bank hasn’t yet wiped it from your account display-wise.

I suspect the merchant won’t take payment twice and will ignore the old banks mandate - because the merchant has effectively already moved on to your primary bank.

Not at all - the direct debit is just still sitting on the old account as well as the new. I was just wondering why this happens some times, but on others they set up one and tie off the other. I prefer that personally, less clutter/manual cancelling on my side!

That led me to think, I wonder if you could use these phoney DDs to meet direct debit requirements on switches, or will they drop away when you switch etc etc

If you did cancel it the merchant must get a cancellation notice, but reconcile that you have another on the go…

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You pose a number of ideas, but I reckon what you’re seeing is debris left over from the DD move. Your money is safe, of course. It is however, for the fussy amongst us, irritating. :relieved:

I know what you mean. I’ve seen this as well.

MBNA do it but I can’t remember who else do it now.

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Nice to see that my TSB direct debit list is only populated with just the two active d/ds I have. All the dead retired hidden direct debits that were in Starling have not been transferred so I never have to look at them again :+1:

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You could have just deleted them in the Starling app :slight_smile:

I tried to delete all the hidden/expired direct debits but I couldn’t. I asked Starling customer services to delete them and they said they couldn’t, they merely advised me to hide them.

So, perhaps you knew a way of actually deleting them in such a way as I didn’t? It matters not anymore anyway :+1:


For direct debits, you choose ‘Manage’ then ‘Cancel Direct Debit’ and it disappears completely.

I do have some old CPAs (debit card subscriptions) that can only be hidden and not deleted, though.

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What’s weird is Starling is showing inactive CPAs. I explicitly instructed them to cancel them and not to allow another payment via that CPA even and it still showed there

I think this is where some misunderstanding is taking place between myself and MikeZ.

I had almost 10 inactive CPA’s and a couple of expired direct debits that I just could not get rid of out of my payments in my Starling account. As I stated previously, I asked Starling more than once to remove them and they said they couldn’t.

I have a similar issue in my Chase account. I have an expired mobile phone provider direct debit and a Standing Order I can’t get rid of. It may not bother most people, but I don’t want them there and I can’t delete them :person_shrugging:

Isn’t there a difference between iPhone and Android in this area?

There is no hidden section on android and you can get rid of direct debits. I can see inactive subscription type payments on the website I cannot get rid of but that’s not on the app.

What you’re describing would probably bother me as well but it’s definitely not an issue on android.

I genuinely wouldn’t know with regards to Android as I have never experienced banking apps on those devices. I’m an iPhone user.

Likewise, but I don’t seem to have the same problem with DDs.

Are you with Chase? Do you have any expired D/D’s and if you did, how did you get rid of them? Because I sure as the Earth spins, can’t :person_shrugging:

I have a Chase account but I’ve never had any DDs with them.