NatWest Bank

Who’s using a NatWest account these days :thinking:

I use them as a billing account so all DDs. My mortgage is with them so was easier just having an all in one billing account that doesn’t do any other transactions.

How long has the app had instant notifications for spending by card :thinking: I had to use the card yesterday for the 1st time, couldn’t find my Monzo card, forgotten what my 3 digit number on back is 🤦

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If you count RBS as NatWest, then a few of us here :smiley:

Past couple of months i think… They’ve been hammering out feature updates in the app for months and months


Wouldn’t of ever known it did they, if it wasn’t for misplacing the other banks card :sweat_smile:

Did the transaction and was like oh an instant notification, magic.

I used to use NatWest for bills, before I decided it was worth more than the Reward amount (and the hassle) to see my total expenditure within Starling.

Agree NatWest Group banking apps seem to have had a feature boost since (because of?) Bó’s demise.

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Started using RBS for parts of my banking, having a few standing order bug bears compared to the fintech experience. Setup online only, wanted to amend it can’t for 24h, and it won’t go out on a weekend…


That’s pretty standard with lots of traditional banks, if you want them to go out at the weekend then you will have to use a fintech.

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It’s been over 2 years since I’ve used a BAM to handle much of my finances, this has been the first niggling experience I’d say. Rest has been of mild inconvenience.


Did you do that a while ago? Setup in app is available

I haven’t paid the payee using the card reader yet so it won’t let me

Will it be 24h to amend from the exact time I set it up (i.e. Sunday 6pm to Monday 6pm)

Or will it be fully the next working day aka tomorrow

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Yeah it refuses to let you set new ones in app. I’ve to go to the website to do this, but then I couldn’t as I didn’t have a card reader.

Ordered one of them waited a couple of days before I could finally set up a new standing order :sweat_smile: a little bit backwards

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That’s a worst case scenario though, to be fair to them.

Once you already have a card reader it’s not that inconvenient, although it is a bit clunky to have to get it out.

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It’s just a pointless exercise, another bit of plastic to do something basic.

That been said they’re getting ready to push out face recognition to the app, around upping payment levels, so hopefully they’ll use this same thing for setting up payments.

From the in-app roadmap, it looks like they plan to allow you to use it for everything.

I’m really not the biggest fan of card readers myself, but they do serve a useful purpose as an easy (and low-tech) way to do proper 2 factor authentication. I would like the app as an alternative, but people without smartphones need something like card readers.

Out of interest, what’s a BAM?

Brick-and-mortar banks — as opposed to online-only banks — are traditional banks with hundreds (sometimes thousands) of physical branches


Oh, I see now!

I prefer the term “traditional bank” myself, especially as so many of them are closing branches at such a rate that soon there won’t be any bricks or mortar left!

“Legacy bank” is also sometimes floated as a term, but I dislike it as it alludes to the banks being wound down when everything I’ve seen indicates they are here to stay.

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To be honest, I think I’m just a lazy typer


This was always a silly term and maybe harshly in my opinion was created by naive people who seemed to think neo-banks were going to bring down the big players.

RBS has cheque imagining and monzo doesn’t. Which uses a legacy banking process and which uses a fintech process?

The new banks were always going to have a hard time when the big banks decided to speed up. But it’s good all around


I know, and their response (they as in the overhyped pro-fintech in general) would be that you had chosen a terrible example as cheques are “legacy”.

It’s not legacy if it’s being actively used by people today with no plan for such use to be phased out; people can’t just randomly decide what’s legacy and what’s not!

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Yeah it’s a laugh, especially when you consider what is fintech and realise most of it has been made first by big banks. Starling and others have done a great job on an app, and a great job in refining specific areas of banking. But who came out with faster payments? Contactless? Paym? Who’s working on biometric credit/debit cards? Not starling.

Don’t get me wrong, lots of great stuff and I think they’ve helped push banking in certain areas. But they’re all just banks at the end of the day. Maybe one of those private banks that has no real app you could actually call ‘legacy’ :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Those biometric cards btw, anyone know what’s happening with them? NatWest we’re trialing them out the past couple years