Nest Hello or Ring Doorbell?

Currently looking at a new video doorbell which do you use out Ring or Nest?

  • Ring Door Bell
  • Nest Hello

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There’s a couple of others you might wish to consider such as Eufy and Arlo.

Whichever video doorbell you look at, make sure it’s safe from hackers, i.e. keep the software up to date etc.

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Thanks I will take a look

We use a Ring here though I would have personally preferred a Nest.

However, the Ring runs off a battery, while the Nest needs a power connection.

Any particular reason you would of preferred the nest? I do like the idea of the Thermostat and smoke alarms all being through one app

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Do you have an iPhone?

For work but Android for personal - I’m guessing HomeKit for iPhone?

Yeah, I just know it’s well known for how secure/private it is.

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Thanks I’ll check it out

Good firm knock :facepunch: on the door :rofl:

Mainly as I have some Google Homes/Minis and they ring when someone presses the front door button on a Nest.

The Nest also records all the time, not just when it is triggered. The automatic face recognition option sounds interesting.

However, as I say, the Nest would have needed a permanent power supply which I understand is common in the US but not here.

Personally would recommend avoiding both like the plague. Privacy nightmares

As soon as there is a decent ecosystem of battery powered HomeKit devices I’ll gladly move away from Ring entirely.

HomeKit I’m also a sceptical about, but less so provided Apple don’t really care about data mining

I think the main benefit of HomeKit is there’s a central app

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I second this.

It’s actually not that uncommon. The power connection to a generic wired doorbell is via a 12vac-24vac transformer and is standard with most ‘ding-dong’ doorbells (not modern wireless doorbells). It basically steps down the voltage from 240vac to around 18vac to power the doorbell chime.

A suitable transformer to plug into an existing mains socket and provide the correct voltage to power the Nest DB (over a distance of 5m max) can be picked up for about £15 if you don’t already have the wiring installed.

Would recommend Eufy. Not stored in the cloud so less privacy issues and no subscriptions!

Had ours for 7 months and been flawless

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I started using Ring 2 or 3 years ago. One of the main reasons I chose it was each user (person in the household) gets their own account and therefore own settings for alerts.

Most, or perhaps every, other option I considered at the time used a single account for the household and everyone had to endure the same alert settings.

What’s the setup in this regard for others mentioned in this thread (Nest, Eufy, Arlo)?

After a career in IT Security I’d third it!

Eufy uses a Homebase which is stored inside your house and the recordings etc are stored on it. It also acts as the doorbell chime.

Each user has a separate account so we both get notified of an alert.

What I also like is that once you have this setup you can add Cameras on and they will also use the Homebase so easy set up and not a subscription in sight!!