New HSBC App

As a member of the HSBC Customer Studio i’ve been given TestFlight access to their new app.

Saying ‘new’ is very tongue in cheek if i’m honest - there a no new features to speak of, as of now. It’s very much just moving a few things around and just a slight redesign of the current app.

Not overly impressed if i’m honest, was expecting bigger things from them.


Same here. I’m a member too.

No great innovations imo

Has anybody with the new HSBC app got a red dot on the Support option at the bottom of the screen? If I select Support, the red dot is actually on the “Chat with us” option.

I assumed it was because there was something in Chat for me to respond to, but there isn’t. I’ve even tried a short chat with the automated responder (asked how to close an account) which it said had been resolved and closed (i.e. the chat session) but the red dot is still there.

Nothing on mine.

I remember during the test phase there was a permanent red dot on the support option, which people complained about - they removed it then.

Perhaps check if the app is updated to the newest version?


Yes, it’s definitely the very latest version. I see one or two people in the App Store reviews have the same issue but there are no comments from HSBC.

Yes, I do. It’s freaking Annoying :joy:

I also have no dot on mine - I’m using the iOS version.

I think there was initially a dot there when I was first testing the Customer Studio version via Testflight, but it vanished after I went into the chat and out again.

I have no idea why it seems to get stuck for some people and not others?

It’s distracting but not annoying (yet!). I guess I should be grateful that notifications are finally working :slight_smile:

You haven’t been very lucky with HSBC’s app at all - it seems like a case of two steps forward, one step back at all times!

At least this only a cosmetic issue - I can live with that :slightly_smiling_face:

I just got a hsbc account and had this on the app I just clicked into it as if I wanted to start a chat then cancelled and the dot went

I wish it were that easy…

Started a chat session to report the red dot issue and was told to go into “Chat with us” and that should clear it. Er… :thinking:

What notifications do hsbc actually send I activated last Wednesday tried sending some money to myself and no notification that it was received

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I’m the same, I get a notification when I use contactless or Apple pay though but nothing when money goes in.

You have to wait 7 full days for all notifications to work.

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I’ve just opened an Advance account again after switching away earlier last year. Notifications for debit card payments and Faster Payments were working as soon as the account appeared in the app, despite a message saying that it could take up to 7 days.

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They are supposed to send notifications for every transaction on the account.

That’s what I get? :man_shrugging:

Officially, they don’t guarantee that all of them will work until after the 7 days. Back when I first got them, certain things started working about 3 days in (if I remember correctly).

Your guess is as good as mine but I imagine they partly say 7 days to cover themselves as system updates may not happen on certain days (like bank holidays)?

Yes, that’s what I’m getting. They are usually instant (though a few seconds slower than Starling/Monzo), although one debit card payment notification was delayed by about 7 minutes.