New HSBC App

I’ve just re-activated my HSBC account, mainly because I’m interested in their multi-insurance.

Gonna wait till I’ve got it fully up and running before deciding if this is worth moving from Monzo Premium for - how did folk get access to the TestFlight out of interest? I’m on the Customer Studio - do they just reach out to you?

Sidenote: Some interesting “new” features coming along but quite a few other banks already have these features, wonder what HSBC will offer which is truly different to other offerings?

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Yes, the Testflight version was just when they were first testing the new design and everybody on Customer Studio could just opt-in to it.

There is no Testflight version on an ongoing basis.

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More progress at HSBC…better late than never!

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Been able to do that for months :man_shrugging:

I definitely haven’t until this update.

No mention in previous release notes either?

In the Android app you can already see the PIN for credit cards.

Perhaps the release notes mean this is being extended to debit cards as well…

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Maybe, i only have a debit card with them - so i wouldn’t be able to say about credit.

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