One week in

Around about 2 weeks ago I discovered that another Fintech forum, which was used by many, had been taken offline. It was disappointing, but given the situation, completely understandable.

One week after this, having found too much spare time on my hands, I took it upon myself to launch Fintech Forum - a similar site to the one we’d lost, where those with an interest in fintech could just come together and talk about various banks, credit cards, lenders, mobile apps, branches - whatever took your fancy within the fintech world.

Personally, the forum has got off to a much better start than I thought it would. So, a big thank you to all our members!

Please continue to spread the word and let’s grow this community :slight_smile:

For those interested, here are some stats for the last week -

  • 85 new topics
  • 1,700+ posts
  • 94 members
  • 2,100+ likes given

Thanks @N26throwaway and @Seb :joy::joy:


@Seb and I are responsible for almost 1/4 of those likes! :open_mouth:


What a fine first week it has been - it already feels like we have been here for ages!

Thanks again for setting up the new forum, I look forward to continuing to be an active contributor long into the future (hopefully).

I would like the posts in this thread, but I’m out of likes again so will have to come back later to do so, haha! :clinking_glasses:


I have received an email notification for this thread, and for every post in it.

Can this be configured so I do not receive email notifications by default?


You have control over this. Change the notification setting at the bottom to Tracking or Normal depending on your preference. It is probably currently set to Watching.


Looks like the mods have moved the announcements category out of watching as default now. So folks should only be notified of the first post in a new thread for announcements going forward.

You can also control this stuff manually and for other categories in preferences > categories


You’re quick @N26throwaway :wink:

Apologies - it was my fault :man_facepalming: Have changed it so it’s an email for the first post only now, but it only applies to the #announcements category


I know I can now unsubscribe from this topic.

But I’m really disliking that I was auto subscribed to it in the first instance, and would like to know how to prevent being auto subscribed to any new topics in the future, if that makes sense.


You can change the defaults by going to your Preferences, and click on “Categories” on the left hand side

Can that be changed, please. Sending emails to people without their explicit consent seems quite frankly pretty shady. (unless absolutely required, or course)


Is that only available on the desktop? I’m not seeing it on my phone.

See above. But it was my fault as I set the default wrong in the first place - so thanks for letting me know!


I agree with you here @nanos i was about to remove my email from the account and just visit to read :sweat_smile:. I don’t like having to delete loads of emails daily. I’m sure it will all be under control soon. Everything new has its teething issues


If you’re on your phone, preferences should be at the bottom on the right. Tap on that, then tap on the box at the top that reads Account and tap on Categories from the drop down list. That’s where you’ll find those settings.


That’s it. Thanks a lot!


It’s available on all devices although access is slightly different.

If you tap “Preferences” on the bottom bar, and then tap on “Account” under the “Expand” button, and select “Categories”, and just amend them to how you wish :slight_smile:

@JonasP - You shouldn’t get any further emails from this thread unless you specifically set it to. I’d double-check your account settings to be sure though. There are a few different settings in there aside from the default watching etc.

I promise it wasn’t intended - emails for this sort of thing aren’t free, and I don’t want a bill up around my backside :slight_smile:

(@N26throwaway - you’re too quick for me today :sweat_smile:)

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I think the forum is working out just great, so many thanks indeed @Mathew for giving us all a place to air, share, and learn.

And we should all allow a bit of slack here; @Mathew is getting to grips with this service and the myriad of settings that go on behind the scenes. Which he’s done for our benefit.


Yeah I’ve sorted it now @Mathew massively appreciate it

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I have to admit, I opted myself out of the notification emails within a day of signing up because my email just went a bit bonkers :laughing: