"Paid from your main balance"

First of all, I’m going to apologise in case this has been there for a while, and I’m just blind and been living under a rock… But I’ve just noticed this bit of text on the scheduled payments screen (Android)

“Paid from your main balance”

Sidenote, also noticed the preferences moved to the top right corner… Took me way too long to find that :sweat_smile:


Doesn’t show this on iOS

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Shows on my Android, however, cannot say I have noticed it before, though it’s not a section I check regularly tbh

I can see it on Android and I’ve never noticed it before. Suspect it’s a fairly recent addition. Looks like a forerunner to some sort of “pay from spaces” type of functionality.

That was my thoughts too, @Dan

Glad I weren’t the only one who hadn’t noticed it though :slight_smile:


It’s very recent, yep

I haven’t this before so good spot.


This is interesting


You beat me to it by 2 minutes :slight_smile: But that explains it!

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Bit of a kick in the nuts for Monzo that Starling have finally released something like this, for me it’s long been the key differentiator between the two and the main reason that Monzo wins out for me.

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Yeah just saw they announced bills manager.

I also noticed that transfers inside saving spaces it postfixes transfers with the currency type. Not sure if that’s new or not

Brilliant move by Starling. It’s taken some time but I think this is the feature that a LOT of people have been crying out for.

Personally, I didn’t think I would have any use for it. I get paid on the last working day of the month then all my bills come out on the first. However, I have spaces where I save throughout the year so I have enough to pay annual bills, such as home insurance. I can now set those annual payments to come straight from these spaces, meaning no manual interaction required.

I didn’t see the feature but a quick force close and restart of the app (on Android) and it’s there.


Spotted an issue… when you set a DD to be paid from a Space, a confirmation screen tells you the monthly outgoing amount has changed and suggests you increase the monthly amount you pay into the Space to cover it. The DDs I’ve set to be paid from Spaces are annual… they shouldn’t be assuming that all DDs and SOs are paid monthly.


It’s the same with Monzo, which is why I only set monthly regular payments to be taken from a pot.

I noticed this too. It says “monthly” as if it’s trying to detect the frequency of the payments, but I’d be surprised if it was, guessing this is “hard-coded”, so they just need to change it to “Estimated total” instead.

I’m surprised that they decided to decline bills when there isn’t enough funds in the Space, rather than automatically taking the extra required from your main balance. This means, you’ve got to set the automatic space payments slightly higher than expected (especially for payments that vary, e.g. energy) to ensure they aren’t declined, but then this means each month there will often be excess “wasted” funds in each space.


Pretty much the same for me however I will likely use this to put bill money away for the next month so I’m always a month ahead of bills


An excellent move from Starling. What would be even better would be the ability to make bank transfers direct from spaces. My monthly rent varies each month depending on my share of utility bills, so I do it as a transfer rather than an SO. It would be nice to be able to transfer the estimated amount into my bill space at the beginning of the month and pay it from there when I know how much it is.

Have they cracked recurring card payments from a ‘space’?

Absolutely useless banking tool for me personally, but I applaud Starling for their continued innovation. If such a budgeting tool helps people, great.

More of a copy and paste than innovation but I get your point.

I do find it funny how it’s been implied for a long time along with their “soons” on Twitter that what they were building was going to be more than just paying from spaces but in this iteration, bar a few small nuances, it’s literally a copy and paste and is slightly disappointing.

I applaud them for finally adding the feature, but I had hoped for something new, or even a slightly different take on it

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