Revolut 3-month “free trial premium” is not free to downgrade

Hi there,

I used the 3-month trial of the premium plan, which was offered a few months ago, which expires tomorrow…

I tried to downgrade, but they ask me to pay €26.98 for the card request, which I have never requested.

Revolut’s support is obviously not responding…

What do you recommend to do?

I think this is a bad move… has this happened to any of you?

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Can you transfer all your money out of Revolut?


Revolut currently has a balance of 0€

I’d send a message to CS querying it, then leave it until they reply, but I may be happier with risk than you… Tricky. You should at least make sure you tell CS you want to cancel your membership today. They won’t have a leg to stand on if they fail to cancel because of an outstanding fees dispute - there’s nothing to stop them downgrading you anyway


I’m waiting to speak to a customer service agent… Hopefully they won’t find a loophole…

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I agree, as long as you have documented the request to downgrade as happening today it will be difficult for them to charge you.

Then not actioning it’s immediately, if they don’t, will be “their fault” and not yours, so they shouldn’t charge you anyway.

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Little update: The assistance doesn’t answer. I have to go to sleep, I can’t wait for them online. :joy:

That sounds very much like Revolut!!


They must be awake now. Waiting for twist of the story. Was thinking of trying Revolut but I guess I should wait a little longer.

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Good morning,

Another update: I’ve been waiting for 11 hours in the chat for an answer from them :slight_smile:

This is their reply on Twitter :slight_smile:

They boast of having a 24/7 chat

Copy and Paste reply. What a shame!

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If they were trying to convince you to stay on premium, “priority support” like this is hardly the way to do it :joy:

They seem to be behind at the moment - I had to wait much longer than usual over the weekend


Just a quick update:

Today I chatted with an operator, who seemed incompetent… he claimed that I had to pay for the downgrade and that I had used the premium card several times (which is not true, I have never applied for a card).

Tonight I see this post on the Revolut forum:

Then my friend @PoelieV, told me to try writing to them again and linking this post, maybe they will wake up and do something. In the end, the operator decided to downgrade me for free and even apologised. All’s well that ends well.


No you didn’t, your best buddy @poeliev told you to link the post in your message to support!



That’s really bad!

I’m glad you got it sorted in the end.

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The question is - was it worth the stress?


Probably not, and it seems very suspicious that they offer people 3 months of Premium “for free”, but not free if you order a premium card (the main benefit) and then make it virtually impossible to cancel (so you end up paying for it).

It’s classic Revolut shady business practices once again, really.

It’s then even worse that they tried to claim @Mattia had ordered a Premium card when he hadn’t as a way to close the case. Very poor service indeed.

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Of course, it was worth it… You offer me something for free and then make me pay if they want to change it…

Anyway, as I linked in the previous post, I’m not the only one this has happened to. At this point, I won’t be participating in any future promotions.

I’m on 2 months free premium as a ‘complaints resolution’ at the moment

There shall be no money in my GBP account come expiry!