Revolut referrals thread

£40 for referrer, nothing for referree it seems!

My link

So where is the incentive for us to use a referral link and join Revolut? :man_shrugging:

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I’ll go halves with you :wink:

Will also drop my hat into the links:

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I’ve done this with out 8 people and just shared it manually. It started at £15.

It was up to £85 at one point but had dropped as I wasn’t able to find anyone for the next round.

Seems two of you have used my link, thanks in advance :eyes: would like to mention the criteria is to order a physical card and make three payments

Goes some way to my student accommodation advance payment hopefully

Best way to do it, is to add a virtual card to Google or apple pay, and make 3 £1 top ups to Trading 212, Freetrade or a savers account which accepts card deposits

I didn’t realise you now have to pay £4.99 for a card.

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Yup whenever I have done it with someone, I have taken the £5 hit on the card for them

For instance, they’d get £25 (net £20)and I’d benefit from £15

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In fact, if anyone wants to do similar I’m happy to just take £10 and use most of it to get a pride card

You’d benefit £25 net (£30 post card fee)

Join me and over 15 million users who love this digital banking app. Sign up with my link below and check out their disposable virtual cards for safe shopping: Invite a friend | Revolut

Why are they paying so much for acquisitions when they already have a healthy customer base?

Can only assume the hoop jumping involved encourages more usage than a straightforward £5 to sign up link? Most people wouldn’t do it in the way I would, which would essentially take 5 minutes…rather, it would involve the card going into the wallet into 2 or 3 shops - having learnt the process of topping up and so on

Perhaps it’s a sweetener for those who already have accounts, encouraging more active usage from the incumbent user base too…

Either way, I’d imagine it boils down to ‘because they can’, they’re very much the big cheese in this space now

It’s great for a carousel

About :thinking:

I was on a right run at one point, bit barren now

I’ve just lodged a formal complaint with Revolut regarding this promotion. I sent my wife an invite and she went through all the steps, making 4 (not 3) purchase transactions. They haven’t paid the reward and she’s still showing as “pending” in my invite list.

Been trying to query this with them but I’ve hit a brick wall. The automated assistant pointed me to an article where it said there may be a minimum transaction amount and it would be listed in the invite email. I got her to check and there’s no mention of a minimum amount, just that three purchases were required. I went back on chat and spoke to an agent. They said they couldn’t help for GDPR reasons. Eh?! I’m not asking for personal data relating to anyone else, I’m querying the terms of the promotion they sent me!

They ended the chat by giving me the standard paragraph about formal complaints, so I clicked the link and filled in the form. Really annoying that I’m having to jump through these hoops and they’re using GDPR as a shortcut for ending support requests. All they’ve done is ensure that my wife will never use it, probably me also :rage:


Another crappy experience :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

That’s just shabby (and another reason why I’m flabbergasted when folk throw their all in with Revolut!

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Indeed, and due to it’s e-money institution status, you can’t even be confident in regulators stepping in to force them to pull their socks up!

Hopefully things will improve if/when they actually do get issued with a U.K. banking license.

I’ve had this before. It was a synchronisation issue which eventually resolved itself. But prior to that I couldn’t get any support. My friend was offered a bit of help but not a lot.

I’ve had issues with a Reward & a Direct Debit recently too :thinking:

Not the biggest of deals but if applied to more important payments it could have been. Awaiting two responses from relevant teams…Rev are a rocky road no doubt about that!


Not good experience not making a good advocate to get a revoult account.

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I’ll pass, thanks