Royal Bank of Scotland accounts

Keep us (well, me :laughing:) posted!

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Any news? 👀

Yes I’m impatient.

Haha, you clearly underestimate Natwest Group’s reliance on overnight batch jobs :wink: Nothing new on my mobile or online banking yet.

Let’s see what the morning brings.

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Odd. Did you apply in-app or through the form? I’m sure in app you get to pick the sort code too, and get the account opened instantly.

No sort code option in app. Old form only.

Even in app it takes a few days for new accounts to be sanctioned.


Dicey form. Takes a few days.

There is sometimes, actually. When my fiancée was applying for a sole account via the app (after I’d added her to one of my Child’s accounts to create a joint, and she’d opened a Digital Saver, so she had a ‘home’ sort code already) it asked her via the app.

Exact same process with Natwest and no sort code choice for her however, stuck in my closed Nottingham branch!

So, weird process all around! I’ll wait for an update then

So if I add someone to one of my accounts, that then becomes their sort code?

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If they don’t have any accounts with that brand currently, certainly yes.

If they do have accounts with that brand already, I’m not sure - but I think still yes. This is how it seems to work at LBG as well btw, my fiancée’s Derby East sort code for her new accounts with Halifax seems to have changed to my Nottingham one since I added her to an Ultimate Reward account to make a joint.

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Interesting, thanks!

I take it there’s no update to accounts yet?

Newp. No sign as yet. I will let you know, I promise!

RBS systems are clearly on strike too :laughing: this is the most exciting thing I’ll get all week given the roads aren’t cleared meaning I can’t go anywhere.

Do they ask you to submit ID again if you use the form as an existing customer?

They didn’t when I opened a Child’s account with an existing RBS account in Greenock (which I originally chose because it was the first place in Scotland that came to mind, too much mucking about with old IBM computers!!).

New account showing in mobile banking as of today. I get an error while adding the card to Google Pay so might need to wait until tomorrow for that step.

Thanks for the update! And yes, I think that was the case for me too. Might work this afternoon (I think it did for me with a new card) but if not then tomorrow.

Can’t remember if you said whether you meet Premier criteria otherwise?

Not with Natwest Group. The debit card design I can see on the RBS app isn’t the Premier version (not sure if it would be or not on there tho).

I think it’s always the standard debit card design regardless of what the actual card is in real life and in the Pays

At least it’s better than the random Asian little girl they had for Visa cards

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Right, I’m mentally prepared for tomorrow morning’s update :laughing:

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Google Photos

The chicken is in the basket.



Knowing my luck I’ll apply and get the shed :joy:

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Can someone link the process to apply for Drummonds here again? Thanks.

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