Royal Bank of Scotland accounts

I don’t think the link should be posted openly as last time there was an influx of applications it raised some eyebrows. I’ll dig it out and can DM you

More weird than fancy tbh! It’s the default RBS card from when they transitioned to Visa from Maestro/Solo with the lettering changed.

I’ll be keeping my Child’s account as my day-to-day debit card. Not that I use a debit card at all very many days!

What sort code did you use?

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16-00-38. Search SW1 and it appears as '“LONDON DRUMMONDS”, searching for the sort code itself didn’t work for me.

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My first Drummonds branded statement arrived and it’s very “bleh”. It’s the standard RBS one with the RBS logo, but they inserted a very, very old Drummonds logo + eagle/bird in some whitespace towards the middle

Much prefer Child & Co branding

Just to add to this: there is actually one “normal” RBS branch in England that is staying! It is in Berwick-upon-Tweed. However, due to being so far north that it’s practically in Scotland, I assume it’s being treated as an honorary Scottish branch. It does have an English sort code (16-12-85) and the same town also has a Bank of Scotland branch - also something not normally seen outside Scotland!

The last Scottish NatWest closure is on the 26th of January, so by this time next week the regional branding divide will be complete. RBS only in Scotland; Ulster Bank only in Northern Ireland; Isle of Man Bank only on the Isle of Man; NatWest (International) only in the Channel Islands and NatWest only in England and Wales - with the sole exceptions, in England, of RBS in Berwick-upon-Tweed, (RBS) Holt’s in Farnborough and (RBS) Drummonds in London. Of course, at Holts and Drummonds the RBS brand is very much de-emphasised so they almost don’t count as RBS branches.

They’ve done what you’ve said in reverse - killed off the speciality NatWest brand in Scotland unless you count Gogarburn itself.

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Royal Bank of Scotland predates National Westminster by over 250 years.