Savings accounts recommendations

I have a general stooze pot that covers all my credit card balances, which includes balances in instant access, regular savers, cash ISA, etc, but I actually normally settle aqua whenever somebody kindly (replace with expletive of choice) decides to pay me, as there’s less faffing moving funds around

Chip is becoming free again for autosaving and earning interest on up to 85k

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Down to 0.61% and I don’t really like the model to be honest - if you get an invite right now though I believe they’re doing 10 pounds if you deposit a quid. Can make it 20 if you have a Gener8 Ads account already and use their link instead.

Would also mention, it seems like a very cool concept but honestly I believe they need to tap into multiple accounts and work out how /spending/ works across them to make it work nicely.

I’ll drop an invite link if anyone is interested in a thread


Atom Bank Instant Saver is now 0.75% - get it while it’s hot :slight_smile:


Virgin offering 1% from 1 March 2022

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Yep, mine will stay put with Atom for now.


Tesco and Virgin for my pennies :blush:

I have many Virgin M Plus accounts, so those are my savings accounts at the moment.

I also realised a few days ago that the rate of Nationwide’s Regular Saver had increased (as of February) to 2.5% from a previous rate of 2%, so I’ve opened one of those.

Plus I do have RBS and NatWest Digital Regular Saver accounts to get the 3.04% on offer there.

I think that’s about the best you can do currently. Sadly all my Dozens 5% bonds have now matured!

HSBC’s Regular Saver is still a pathetic 1%. Although, given their other rates, I suppose it’s pretty good for them!


It was 5% once upon a time!

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Still got 1k in myself :blush:

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Worth noting that the monthly savings limit on these has been increased to £150, so it’s much easier to get to the £1000 threshold which they’ll pay 3.04% up to.

Indeed, I was very nearly there anyway but I’ve just amended my standing orders this morning to get to the maximum next time (instead of in an extra month).

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I’m tempted to open a NatWest account on top of my RBS one to benefit from the extra interest, especially now that it’s easier to get there

You might as well - you are allowed both and I have had both since the start.

Sadly there isn’t an Ulster Bank version, or everybody could have had three!

But that’s an extra current account, and an extra hard search… does the SO need to come from the NatWest account, or can I set one up from my RBS account?

Yes it does, and it is an extra hard search.

RBS and NatWest do a hard search every time you apply for a current account, even as an existing customer.

Oh, what fun. But it’s £30 for no effort… Hm. I’ll think about it

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Unless they change their variable rate over the year, but, in principle, I agree.

I have increased my payments to the £150 as well, until I reach the £1,000 tier level.

The newly introduced additional tier between £1k and £5k at 0.25% is hardly appealing though.