Savings Accounts

Tandem and Zopa withdrawal times are very similar they’re using the same clearing bank’s services I think.

Ford Money have raised their Easy Access rates today, but still behind the crowd, at just 2.86% AER

Monzo has launched their own in-house instant access savings pot at 3%.

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Yeah, on a very slow rollout :joy:

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You can enable it in Labs and get it immediately.


Ooh, so you can.

Opened and funded :blush:

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Rather feeble effort from Marcus: Now 2.55% + 0.25% 12m ‘bonus’.


I no longer seem to have the option to renew my bonus.

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My renewal vanished for a couple of weeks but was then reinstated after a mail to that effect…

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Likewise :slight_smile:

Except I’m not anymore - I’ve moved it to Chip at 3.05%.

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Cynergy now at 3.11%

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I’ve done a lot of business with Cynergy - so frequently a rate leader, particularly in ISA country.

A pity their onboarding processes can be turgid, their personal CS approach though is excellent - really nice people. The tech currently lets them down.

Chip are now paying 3.15% on their Instant Access account.

I moved my savings from Zopa to Chip last week and can confirm that withdrawals do arrive in a few seconds.


Still getting 3.26% on my Zopa funds, but then the money in there is not required instantly. That’s what my credit card is for. Zopa funds are to pay off credit card if required :blush:

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ZOPA Smart Saver rates have increased

EA: 3.07%
7 day: 3.12%
31 day: 3.27%
95 day: 3.47%

Showing in app from today


Latest Zopa update now prevents adding money to a notice pot where notice served.

RIP the ladder.

Yes, that’s an annoying development.

And a tad illogical?

Assuming you had 35 days remaining of 95 days on a pot and you added £XX to it at that point, you’d be earning 3.47%pa on that £XX for locking it away for only 35, rather than 95, days.
That could be why - but my eyebrows are both furrowed at this point, as I squint into the abyss of simple maths.

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