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A while back we put together a table of different accounts and features, which was compiled and updated by the community. With all the conversation going on in Savings Account Recommendations, I thought maybe we should do something similar here.

Appreciate things change pretty quick, but hopefully it’s a bit easier to make changes now too.

As per the accounts overview - please try to keep the list alphabetical :crossed_fingers:

Instant Access

Provider Account AER Deposit Limits Balance Limits Max. Withdrawals Restrictions FCSC Protected Last Update
:atom: Instant saver 2.95% N/A £0 - £100,000 N/A N/A :y: 9th Feb '23
:barclays: Rainy Day Saver 5.12% N/A £5,000 (0.55% above this) N/A Requires Barclays Blue Rewards :y: 9th Feb '23
Chip Instant Access Saver 3.71% N/A £1 - £250,000 N/A N/A :y: 3rd May '23
Kroo Interest Current Account 3.33% N/A £0 - £85,000 N/A N/A :y: 3rd May '23
Tandem Instant Access Saver 3.50%* N/A £0 - £250,000 N/A None, but rate includes a 0.20% Top Up :y: 3rd May '23

Fixed Savers

Provider Account AER Deposit Limits Balance Limits Max. Withdrawals Locked Period FCSC Protected Last Update
:atom: 1 Year Fixed Saver 4.15% N/A £50 - £100,000 None 1 Year :y: 9th Feb '23
:starling: Fixed Saver Space 3.25% 1 per fixed saver £2,000 - £1,000,000 None 1 year :y: 5th Feb '23

I don’t seem to be able to make changes?

Starling one is invisible in dark mode :man_facepalming:

And so it should be at that rate…

Will work on that :slight_smile:

Does the editor open at all?

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It did for me.

Used edit post and edit table features with ease last night.

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Yes, but clicking Save does nothing.

Confirmed :+1:

I can edit the original post and insert raw data though. Just added Atom and Tandem, and yesterday added Kroo :person_shrugging:

Tbh though, think we’re just reinventing the wheel as up-to-date data is available at Moneyfacts


Doesn’t include things like Barclays Rainy Day Saver or the Natwest Group Digital Regular Savers (which are not conventional regular savers).


Granted, no sign of the Barclays Rainy Day Saver :+1:

Edit: Barclays Rainy Day Saver added to OP table

Yeah, was just about to make this comment too.

If there’s going to be a community-sourced table here perhaps it should focus on aggregating in a way that’s different to Moneyfacts (focus on different niches/groupings).

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For those who do visit Moneyfacts, remember to click on Rate Order to see top accounts.

The default Apply online first order displays the accounts upon which the site earns commission, and not always top rate.

One and two-year fixes at Nationwide, currently…

They seem to have closed new Regular Savers, but they are at 4% if you have one already.

Those rates are a joke tbh


It was just a thought, but if you don’t believe it would be useful, we can leave it where it is if everyone prefers

Should “instant access” be changed to “easy access”? I’ve read that Tandem withdrawals are received next day rather than instantly.


Not instant, but definitely within the hour, and not next day, in my experience.

Good to know - thanks! Still sticking with Zopa for the time being because I’m getting 3.06% on the vast majority of it.

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I’m getting 3.26%, with up to 14 days access, but it took patience and setting up :smile:

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Royal Bank Of Scotland - Digital Saver

Nice increase, though had not seen any formal update or advertisment for it :thinking:

Screenshot 2023-02-14 at 10.54.21)](Compare Savings Accounts | Savings | Royal Bank of Scotland)

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