Savings Accounts

Is this week/month likely to be the last hike?

I reckon so personally.

New regular saver on the market today.

Loyalty product, so “you must have had an open account (Savings or Mortgage) with Yorkshire Building Society for at least 12 continuous and consecutive months prior to the date of application

Yorkshire Building Society Loyalty Regular eSaver 2023

7.00% AER variable. Annual interest

More information here


Bet that surprised Santander :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Nationwide have now launched an 8% Flex Regular Saver.

Variable rate. Rate drops if more than three withdrawals made.


Can’t believe no one has mentioned this :joy:

Think we all stopped paying attention now, they’re slow


Too little, too late.

Don’t think anyone cares about that account at this point to even notice. Doesn’t help that it’s still not remotely competitive enough to be picked up by the likes of MSE, whose entire top picks for 1 year fixes are all above 6%.


Yep, Starling are clearly not chasing customers with this offering.


It’s better than HSBC’s paltry 5.05% 2-year fix!

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For Santander Edge savers…… plenty of notice :blush:

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It’s going down? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Yep - end of bonus rate.

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Opened mine in August so should stay till August 2024 surely :thinking:

I’m sure you’re right. Mine opened last December.

Wow! Never realised it was available that long :+1:

Yes, for me, though, it’ll be destitution come December……

Just saying :smirk:

Eek!!! :pensive:

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You can get a fresh bonus by opening a new Edge or Edge Up account, apparently.