Starling - general thread

Such a shame that after 4 years they still can’t/won’t put in place my Government pension provider logo despite me submitting it many moons ago.

It’s taken them an age to re add their own logo so not much hope of anything else

Just had the “review your personal information” pop-up in the Starling app. Unfortunately, I can’t complete it because one of the questions is “What industry do you work in?” and I’m retired! You have to choose one of the options that they present to you and there’s no option for free text entry.

You can’t continue the flow if you don’t answer this question :man_facepalming:

Edit: Starling chat (answering within 1 minute) said to choose unemployed or what I did before I retired. It honestly didn’t occur to me to choose “unemployed”, although that’s technically what I am now.

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Funny. I would have thought knowing you’re retired would be valuable info. More valuable than thinking you’re out of work or something

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You’d think so. Not that it matters - I actually have more disposable income now than I had when I was working and paying a mortgage.


Forgive me if it has already been discussed but does anyone know why Starling stopped doing personal loans?

Think they said they was stopping to work on being something better but that was ages ago

I got the impression they might be partnering with a loan company, or acquiring one. However, that was quite some time ago.

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Not sure I would really have called them true personal loans…from memory a part of the applicants overdraft limit was ring fenced and called a loan. This limited the subsequent overdraft facility and thus the available amount of any loan facility would have been much lower than most mainstream lenders

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Strange question. So I switched all of my Bills from Monzo to Starling. Does starling notify you when a direct debit is due to come out or show in your transaction feed days before like Monzo did?

It’s not a big deal if not just curious about what to expect and managing my own expectations :slight_smile:

It usually pops up a notification and shows in your transaction feed one working day before.

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Out of curiosity, why?

No judgement, as I have many current accounts :joy:

I’m closing my Monzo account (without going into detail). Myself and Monzo just don’t get along and I don’t like how their policies are. They didn’t listen to me when I raised a complaint. They ignored most of the concerns I raised and then refused to re-review my complaint.

They then said if I make a complaint about my complaint not being handled correctly they may review my ability to remain a customer as I am raising a complaint without cause. It was at that point I just thought if they want to treat me like a number I’ll move my debits to a different account.

Understandably so :+1:

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I did forget to mention that I really enjoyed my time using monzo as a main account and I will still recommend them to most people. I might go back to using the account more frequent or I might stick with my plan of treating it as a credit account for flex only. Not sure yet :slight_smile:

I’m loving starling so far. The app feels more refined. Lots of curved boxes and a nice font. I also prefer the darker dark mode lol

Use it for a CASS bonus!

They’d lose the account entirely then, including flex, and I doubt that’s what they want, despite huge switch incentives out there.

Hm - I’d say there are alternatives out there to flex & you may as well take the £

Each to their own

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Oh I agree.

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Has anyone ever noticed that Starling Bank frontline staff just rush through customer queries and don’t pay any attention.

I have just been speaking to Breanna who keeps reading my question. Then replying with what I have put in my question and not answering it. She’s done it twice now. :sob: